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Girl Pajamas Sewing Pattern (5-12yo)

Girl Pajamas Sewing Pattern (5-12yo)

pajamas pattern

This girl pajamas pattern has been in my archive drawer for a very long time, glad that I finally have it written and shared here. I have made the sewing pattern available from age 5 to 12 years old and this time you got to draft your own pattern, hence, there is neither printing nor worrying that if you are printing the pattern in the correct scale. Freak out on drafting your own pattern? no worries, I have this covered as well. I made up a video to show you the sequence on how to draft the pattern so that you won’t lose your way in the process. The pattern sheet also includes the cutting arrangement on the fabric. Visit the pattern & tutorial page to get all the info you needed to sew this girl pajamas.

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The fabric I sewed for this girl pajamas is yarn-dyed or color-woven linen-cotton mixed fabric. Linen fabric is comfortable to wear as it is hypo-allergic, highly breathable and has a high moisture absorbency, it also tends to be long-lasting due to its durable fiber.

Girl Pajamas (5-12yo) – Free Sewing Pattern 

scroll ⬇️ to get the free pattern & tutorial

girl pajamas free pattern

I particularly love the flap design on the chest of this girl pajamas, it is a double-layered fabric which adds warmth to the chest. This thicker flap is especially great for kids with weak lungs and poor respiratory on cold nights.

The pajamas have a drop shoulder cutting so it is easy for pattern drafting as well as sewing up. With drop shoulder design, you don’t have to fuzz matching up the curved armhole shape and the cap of the sleeve.

pajama pattern

The cute semi-circle pocket with lace trim is one of the highlights of this girl pajamas. My daughter loves this pocket so much and she named it “little baby mitten” pocket. Oh yes, it does assemble the look of baby mitten when you place the hand in it.

pajama pants

Placing a lace bow on the front of the pajamas pants not only adds cuteness to the pajamas but it also tells the kid which side is the front of the pants.

girl pajamas

Please note that the sizing of this girl pajamas are for Asian builds so it could be one or 2 sizes smaller for other races. Do check the measurements on the pattern by measuring the chest and hip of the kid that you are sewing for.


Girl Pajamas (5 – 12 years old)

Sewing Pattern
Download: Girl Pajamas Sewing Pattern

1. Cotton fabric, 42″ width x 132″ (5-7 yo), 143″ (8-10 yo), 162″ (11-12 yo) length
2. Lace, 3/8″ w x 1-yard length
3. Button, 1/2″ dia. x 6 pcs.
4. Elastic band, narrow width, 1 yard

1. Sewing machine with matching thread
2. Serger machine or zigzag stitch
3. Pattern drafting papers
4. Measuring tape
5. Pencil and ruler
6. Carbon and tracing wheel
7. Scissors
8. Sewing kits
9. Iron
10. Safety pin

The sizing of the pajamas is for Asian builds so it could be too small for other races.

Watch “How-To-Draw” Video

Girl Pajamas Pattern

Watch on Youtube

Instructions with pictures to assist in sewing Girl Pajamas

pajamas g 1Gather all the materials and tools as listed above.
You may glue a few writing papers to make a bigger piece of paper for the pattern drawing.
Download the girl pajamas sewing pattern and if you need help, please refer to the above video on how to draw it in a correct sequence.


pajamas g 2Follow the fabric cutting diagram (on page 3 in the sewing pattern), pin the paper pattern to the fabric and get the fabric pieces cut out with correct seam allowance; 5/8″ for a general seam, 1 5/8″ for hems.
Trace the sewing lines with carbon paper and tracing wheel.


sew curved pocketSew the curved edge of the 2 pockets respectively. Clip the seam allowance with scissors or pinking shears. Turn right side out. Adjust the curved edge well and press with an iron.
Fold the trim into halve, sew the short edges together until the intersection point wth the long-side sewing lines. Turn right side out with a nice adjusted corner and press with an iron.
Repeat the same to make the second set.


pajamas g 5Make gathering at the center of the pocket until the width matches the trim.
Sew trim to the pocket, hide the seam allowance inside the trim. Topstitch around the trim, close to the edges.


pajamas g 6This is how the pocket looks like, before attaching lace trim.


pajamas g 7Cut lace to a length that is 1/4″ longer on one each side of the pocket. Stitch it in the ditch between the pocket and the trim.


pajamas pocketPlace the pocket to the front bottom piece of the pajamas, topstitch it in place. Repeat the same to the other pocket.
Set aside.


pajamas g 9Sew the front flap together on the right, left and top edges.
Clip off the 2 top corners.


pajamas g 10Fold the seam allowances as shown in the picture. Hold them firmly and turn the corner out.


pajamas g 11A nice right-angle corner of the front flap.
Repeat the same to the other corner.


pajamas g 12Adjust the front flap properly and press with an iron. Topstitch 1/8″ and 3/8″ from the edge respectively to the 3 edges.
Set aside.


pajamas g 13Join the front shoulder pieces to the back piece by sewing up the shoulders. Neaten the raw edges with a serger overlock stitch or zig-zag stitch.
Join up the neckline facing pieces as well.


pajamas g 14Align the neckline facing to the main piece with right-side facing each other. Pin and sew.


pajamas g 16Turn and fold the neckline facing into the main piece. Topstitch around with 1/8″ and 3/8″ from the edge.


pajamas g 17Pin the flap to the top piece according to the dimension stated in the sewing pattern.
Place the bottom piece below it, align the side corners. Make gathering as shown in the picture until the bottom piece is at the same width as the top.


pajamas g 18Pin and sew the bottom piece to the top. Neaten the raw edges with a serger overlock stitch or zig-zag stitch.
Press the seam allowance facing downward.


pajamas g 19Cut lace to a length that is 3/8″ longer on each side of the pajamas. Place it align with the seam line, topstitch it in place.


pajamas g 20Sew the sides and join the sleeves to the pajamas. Neaten the raw edges of the sleeve pieces with a serger overlock stitch or zig-zag stitch.


pajamas g 21Stitch the bottom hems of the sleeves and the body. Remember to leave an inch of opening on each side of the sleeve’s hem respectively for the insertion of elastic bands.


pajamas g 22Sew buttons and make buttonholes on the flap.


pajamas g 23Sew to join up the inseams of the pajama pants. Neaten the raw edges of the inseam with a serger overlock stitch or zig-zag stitch.


pajamas g 24Turn one piece with wrong-side facing out and the other piece with right-side facing out.
Insert the right-side piece to the wrong-side piece.
Align the center seam and match the crotch point. Pin and sew the pajama pants together and neaten the raw edges.


pajamas g 25Sew waistband and hems of the pajama pants.
Insert elastic bands to the waist and hems of the sleeves to complete the girl pajamas set.
You may add lace bow at the front of the pajama pants for ease of identifying the front side of the pants.


pajama pants

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