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/Skill Level/Novice/Daisy Brooch Crochet Pattern

Daisy Brooch Crochet Pattern

Daisy Brooch Crochet Pattern

August 27, 2010 /
daisy brooch pattern

This is the 3rd raffia yarn crochet project I did in a row, I really get crazy about it. But, after Daisy Brooch, I am going back to my other crafts, like sewing, knitting, etc… they were yelling at me for leaving them alone for too long. Guess what I have to take turns for each craft and to be fair to all of them…lol!!!

You probably saw this straw daisy brooch peeping in the pictures of my 2 previous posts, Beach Bag and Sun Hat. You are right, I used the same crochet technique for the disc florets of the daisy, i.e the first layer is a simple back loop with only single crochet, and after we finished the 1st layer, work backward and crochet the front loops with slip stitches.

daisy hair tie pattern

And if you have been browsing through my other crochet tutorials and patterns, you probably won’t miss out on the popular loop stitch shaggy bag I have made. The petals of this daisy are done by loop stitches crochet, the same technique used in the shaggy bag. The slight difference is the loops are cut and the raffia yarns are stretched out wide in the daisy petals. If you are new and haven’t got a clue on how to crochet a loop stitch, don’t worry, watch the video in this post.

straw flower

Daisy Brooch Crochet Pattern

ch = chain
bl = back loop
ls = loop stitch
sc = single crochet
sc2tog = single crochet 2 together
slst = slip stitch
st = stitch
fo = fasten off
mm = move marker

1. Crochet raffia yarn, approximate quantity: Beige 10 gram, green 10 gram Update: You may use Raffia With Passion, Ivory (#7620), Olive (#7921)
2. 3.5mm crochet hook
3. Brooch pin

1. Tapestry needle

Finished dimension:
Approx. 6″ dia.

Crochet Pattern

Disc Florets
With Beige Raffia
1st layer – work from center, crochet on back loops only.

r1: beg sl knot, ch2, sc6 on the 2 ch from the hook , mm (6 st)
r2: *2sc in each st* repeat 6 times, mm (12 st)
r3: *2sc in first st, 1sc in next st* repeat 6 times, mm (18st)
r4: sc in ea st around, slst, fo

2nd layer – work towards center, crochet on front loops only

Rotate your disc, so that the last row of 1st layer becomes the first row (view the pictures in the straw beach bag to visualize)
**slst in each st around**
Follow the tension of the first layer or else you might encounter some shrinkage in the size, change to a bigger hook if required.

With Green Raffia

r5 – r6: Join green raffia to the disc with sc and work on the wrong side, ls (2 inches long) into each st around, mm
r7: *sc2tog, 1sc in next st* repeat 6 times, mm (12st)
r8: sc2tog around, fo (6st)

Hide all ends.

Sew the brooch pin to the back of the daisy.

Cut the loops and open the raffia to full width.

Daisy Brooch WIP1

Crochet the Disc Florets of the Daisy with beige raffia yarn. Follow the pattern.

Daisy Brooch WIP2

Change to green raffia yarn, with wrong side facing you, crochet loop stitch of each 2 inches long, around, for 2 rounds. Follow patterns for the back of the flower.

Daisy Brooch WIP3

Fasten off and leave about 6″ long of raffia yarn. Get ready the brooch pin and tapestry needle.

Daisy Brooch WIP4

Sew the brooch pin at the back of the daisy. Hide all ends.

Crochet: Straw Daisy Brooch {Tutorial & Pattern}

Cut the loops and spread the raffia wide open to full width.

Crochet: Straw Daisy Brooch {Tutorial & Pattern}

This is a multi-color raffia yarn version, it gives a brighter and younger look, suitable for kids too.


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