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Utensil Basket Made From Drinking Straws

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If you have read my tutorial on the Drinking Straws Coasters, this Drinking Straws Basket is the second level of making something useful by using the drinking straws. Over here, you will see the method on how to weave to make the sides and shape up like a basket.

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drinking straw basket

Materials Needed To Make Drinking Straws Basket

In this tutorial, to make a 10″ x 3″ x 3″ drinking straws basket for the utensils, you will need 223 pcs of straws. The straws will be cut into halve to make up a total of 446 pcs. of shorter straws for weaving. By using the transparent drinking straws, it will let you dress up the straws by inserting magazine paper strips of your choice. In addition, other items that you need to prepare are a hot glue gun and sticks, thick cardboard to make templates, a pair of scissors, and, a pair of tweezer will come handy.

drinking straw woven basket

Drinking Straws Basket Tutorial

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Be Creative, Adapt The Method For Variations

After learning these 2 tutorials on how to weave drinking straws, you can build your items in other sizes and shapes. While writing this tutorial, I am making some grocery baskets with handles, and, a little sling purse for my daughter. So, please stay tuned for the next drinking straws weaving tutorial!

recycle drinking straws

Drinking Straws Basket

Dimension: approximately 10″ x 3″ x 3″. The actual size is depending on your straw size

Materials and Tools:
To make 1 basket
1. Drinking straws 5/16″, transparent, 223 pcs. to be cut into halve to make up a total of 446 pcs. of short straw. *
2. Papers from old magazines, cut into strips of about 1/4″ width, I used my paper shredder machine to do it.
3. Hot Glue Gun and Glue sticks
4. Thick cardboard (for making templates)
5. Scissors
6. Tweezers (optional but handy to have)

* Note:
1. Sort out the sizes of your collected drinking straws, only use the same size of straws for the basket.
2. Wash and dry the drinking straws completely if they are used.

I used new drinking straws for this tutorial purpose but I encourage you to recycle instead of buying the drinking straws.

NOTE: Read the fundamental of drinking straws weaving to make the Drinking Straws Coasters if you have missed it out.

Watch “How-To-Make” Video

Drinking Straws Basket

Watch on Youtube

Photos Abstracted From The Video


ds utensil 1

Gather all the materials and tools needed for this drinking straw upcycle/recycle project.

ds utensil 2

Trim straw to length.

ds utensil 3

Insert paper strip.

ds utensil 4

Fold straw as directed.

ds utensil 5

Details on the folded straw.

drinking straw beads

Make enough quantity as mentioned in the material list.



weave drinking straws

First knot, made from 4 folded straws.

ds utensil 8

Follow the instruction in the video to make 15 knots in a row.

base drinking straws basket

The base of the basket.

corner drinking straws basket

Corner of the basket.

ds utensil 11

After 1st round of the vertical side of the basket.

ds utensil 12

Basket before hiding the legs at the edges.


Neaten Up

ds utensil 13

Fold the leg and hide into the knot.

ds utensil 14




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