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Drink Coasters Made From Drinking Straws

November 21, 2018 /

from drinking straw to drink coasters

Please try every effort to recycle all the plastic wastes, they may end up in the ocean if you don’t. It has come to our awareness that our oceans have been seriously polluted by plastic wastes, the lives of marine animals were threatened enormously. They are suffering from either becoming tangled up or eating it leading to suffocation and starvation. Remember the turtle that has a drinking straw stuck in its nostril? Ouch, it is heartbreaking to watch the team pulling it out. We have to do our part to prevent this from happening again.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Even though many countries have already banned, or, are in the process of banning single-use plastic straw in major outlets, however, this is not enough as there are still some parties not participating in the campaign, that’s where we are here to fill in the gap. You could go all the way out to collect drinking straws from cafes and restaurants, or, at least, collecting those you have used.  After you have collected a decent amount, make something useful from the drinking straws. In Craft Passion, we will be sharing a series of tutorials on how to make useful things out of the drinking straws. Begin the first tutorial {with videos}, we kick-off with the basic drinking straw weaving and make them into Drinking Straw Coasters. We have another few more similar tutorials of recycling drinking straws coming up soon, so please stay tuned.

coasters made from straw

Drinking Straws Coasters Tutorial

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In this tutorial, you will need 30 similar sizes of drinking straws to make one drink coaster. The sizes of the final drinking straw coasters are depending on the straw size you are using. I am using a 5/16″ (flattened dimension) drinking straws to produce a 3.5″ x 3.5″ drinking straw coasters. Other things you need in making this drinking straw coaster including a hot glue gun and sticks, thick cardboard to make templates, a pair of scissors, and, a pair of tweezer will come handy.

recycle drinking straws

I hope to see you joining the bandwagon of recycling drinking straws to save the Earth, save our future, and, save the vast lives living on it.

Drinking Straw Coasters

Dimension: approximately 3.5″ x 3.5″. The actual size is depending on your straw size

Materials and Tools:
To make 1 coaster
1. Drinking straws 5/16″, 30 pcs. *
2. Hot Glue Gun and sticks
3. Thick cardboard (for making templates)
4. Scissors
5. Tweezers (optional but handy to have)

* Note:
1. Sort out the sizes of your collected drinking straws, only use the same size of straws for each coaster.
2. If your straws are bigger, you might only need 25 pcs to make 4 x 4 knots instead of 5 x 5 knots per coaster.
3. Wash and dry the drinking straws completely if they are used.

I used new drinking straws for this tutorial purpose but I encourage you to recycle instead of buying the drinking straws.

Watch “How-To-Make” Video
Drinking Straws Coasters

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Photo Instructions



dscoaster1Get ready all the materials listed above.
The thick cardboard is going to be used for making templates 1 & 2.
The sizes of the templates are depending on the straw size you are using, hence, read the next instruction on how to create the templates that suit your straw size.


dscoaster2Flatten all 30 straws by using the back of a pair of scissors or a ruler.


dscoaster3Measure the total width of 4 straws aligning side by side and pressed down.
Add a slight allowance of about 1mm to 2 mm to the measurement, name the length A, this is the size for the Square template 1, A x A. Cut it out from the thick cardboard.


dscoaster4Multiply 2.5 to A, this is the length of the template 2, which is also the length we need to cut the straws into.
The width is not important but a decent width of more than 1 inch is good to make the template 2.
Cut out template 2 as well.


dscoaster5Align the straws to template 2 and cut to the equal length for all 30 pcs.


dscoaster6A piece of a normal straw is enough to cut into 2 pieces of shorter length.
Hence you will get 60 pcs of shorter length straw in total.


dscoaster71. Now, fold the straw by using template 1. Align one end of the straw to the edge of the template, fold over as shown in the picture. Make sure you press the fold to make a crease.
2. Release it and make a slit to the longer end of the straw with scissors.
3. Encase the slitted end into the shorter end to make a loop, make sure it is still in the same size as before.
4. Pull out the slitted end a little, place a small dot of hot glue and slide it back to its original place, press to glue the ends together.
Repeat the same to fold all the short straws for weaving in the next stage.



dscoaster81. Weave the folded straw as shown in the picture. (Watch the video begins at 3.28 min for a clearer view)
2. Pull the legs to lock, this is the first knot that requires 4 folded straws to make.
3. Add another 3 to build the next knot in a similar way of weaving.
4. Pull the legs again to lock, this is the second knot in a row.


dscoaster9Continue to weave 5 knots in a row, or until the row (minus the legs) is about 3.5″ to 4″ long (depending on how big you want your drink coaster to be).


dscoaster101 & 2. Work the next row from right to left. Weave 3 folded straws to the first leg (top leg) of the first row to make the first knot of 2nd row.
3 & 4. The second knot and onwards need 2 to weave into each knot.


dscoaster11Repeat the weaving until you have completed 5 rows.


Neaten Up

dscoaster12Flip the work so that the bottom is facing upward. Actually, both sides should look the same, however, if you need to choose, choose the unsightly side to be the bottom.


dscoaster131. Begin at the bottom right leg of the coaster, fold diagonally.
2. Fold it up
3. Encase the leg into the pocket.
4. The leg is nicely fitted into the pocket and hiding away. No glue is needed unless you find it necessary.


dscoaster14Continue to encase the legs and this is how it looks like at the bottom of the coaster.
If your coasters don’t look as flat as they should be, press them down with weight and leave them there for a few days.


Simply love the appearance of the woven pattern that the drink coasters gave. Most importantly, I really adore how we could recycle the drinking straws into something usable instead of ending up in the landfill, or worst, into the ocean.

coasters made from straw

I have made a utensil basket to match with the drink coasters, stay tuned for the next tutorial.

For more Recycling Craft, please click here.

recycle drinking straws


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I think that you have one of the best websites that I have seen. I really enjoy seeing all that you do.


Monday 10th of August 2020

Thanks for sharing – great idea. Now I know what to do with the many colourful straws I have and no idea what to do with it then now.

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Thanks for sharing - great idea. Now I know what to do with the many colourful straws I have and no idea what to do with it then now.

Craft Passion

Thursday 7th of March 2019

Great, Maria, it is always better than end them up in the rubbish trash.

Cameron E Perry

Monday 10th of December 2018

You have perfectly showed how the recycling process can be benefitted for us. Recycling drinking straws is really a unique idea. Thanks for sharing.