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Easy Halloween Candy Holders

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October is a month that’s full of fun activities; kids can have unlimited candies; adults need a shower of ideas on trickery costumes and food; some wants to turn the house into a creepy and horror place on the earth…. it is the best month to show off your creativity!!!

easy halloween candy holders

Every year around this time, I need to crack my head to think of some interesting crafts to make for the Halloween trick or treat.

I am lucky this year, I found 2 great Halloween theme socks that can turn into Halloween Candy Holders… Frankenstein and Mummy Candy Dispenser. They are made from milk plastic bottle that covered by the socks, filled up with candies. I also used the top part of the plastic bottle to make the googly eyes lollipops holder.

halloween candy dispenser

By far, they are one of the quickest and easiest crafts I have ever created for Halloween. Kids can make too with a little help from an adult to cut the bottle if they are too young to do it by themselves.

If you are looking for quick and easy Halloween crafts to make with the kids, these Halloween Candy Holders could be your choice. If you can’t find decent socks to cover, you can always paint the bottle with acrylic paint. Feel free to follow the design of the socks 😉

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googly eyes monster candy holder

You can also make the Halloween Candy Holders as gifts to friends and visitors, just wrap the candies into a plastic bag before stuffing it into the bottle. Your friend can just cut the plastic wrapper at the mouth area of the candy holder to dispense the candies.

monster candy holders

BOO!!! Wish you all a Happy Halloween and enjoy the best out of the festive!!!

Easy Halloween Candy Holders

Time: 15 minutes excluding painting and drying time

Materials & Tools:
1. Plastic bottle (bottle from milk or drinking water, about 2.5″ to 3″ diameter)
2. Halloween theme ankle socks (Buy it: Frankenstein and Mummy)
2. Black acrylic paint
3. Googly eyes (a pack of various sizes)
4. Candies and lollipop candies
5. Craft knife
6. Marker pen (I used Sharpie)
7. Ruler
8. Quick dry adhesive (I used UHU)
9. Iron

Note: You plastic bottle can be round or square. Remove all labels and wash the bottle clean and dry it.

Frankenstein & Mummy Candy Dispenser

halloween candy dispenser

make halloween candy holder
Gather all the materials and tools as listed above.

make halloween candy holder 2
Measure about 5 1/4″ from the bottom of the plastic bottle. Mark it with a line across.
This milk plastic bottle is about 3″ wide, if you are using a bigger bottle, you will need to reduce the height a little.

make halloween candy holder 3
Carefully and slowly cut the bottle apart.
Adult, please help the kid to cut.
Don’t worry if the edges are not smooth.
We are going to use the bottom part of the bottle to make Frankenstein and Mummy candy dispenser, whilst the top part is going to be the Googly-Eyed Holder.

make halloween candy holder 4
Mark an oval-shaped opening at the lower bottom of the bottle.

make halloween candy holder 5
Cut out the opening. Try to trim the edges as smooth as possible.

make halloween candy holder 6
If the edges are rough and sharp after the cut, you may smooth it out by applying heat to that area. Simply heat up your iron to the medium temperature, glide the rough edges on the iron to smooth out all the sharp edges. If the iron is not hot enough for your plastic bottle, increase the heat a little at a time. Please do this at the well-ventilated room.
You may also do this at the opening if possible.

make halloween candy holder 7
Wear the Halloween theme sock on the bottle.

make halloween candy holder
Adjust the sock so that it fits properly on the bottle. The ankle is now the mouth of the Frankenstein for this tutorial.

make halloween candy holder
Fill the candies into the holder from the mouth opening.
Done! You can make this with Frankenstein sock and Mummy sock. or other similar Halloween theme sock.

Googly Eyes Candy Holder

googly eyes monster candy holder

make halloween candy holder 10
This is the top part of the bottle where we are going to make the Googly eyed holder.

make halloween candy holder 11
Cut away the neck of the bottle. Glide both edges to the warm iron to smooth out the roughness.

make halloween candy holder 12
Paint black acrylic paint on the bottle. Set it aside to let dry and apply the second layer.

make halloween candy holder 13
This is the bottle after 2 layers of black acrylic paint.

make halloween candy holder 14
The googly eyes of various sizes.

make halloween candy holder
Glue the googly eyes randomly on the bottle. It depends on how much and how closely you want to glue them on.

make halloween candy holder
Stuff some tissue paper inside the bottle, the tissue paper will help to grip the sticks of the lollipop candies.
Place the lollipop candies into the bottle to complete the craft.

Tadaaa… The Monster Trio Halloween Candy Holders are completed!!! Keep the socks, let the kid wear the socks after the candies have finished off.

monster candy holders


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Sunday 29th of November 2015

Very nice but easy tutorial. The candy holders remind me of the Hotel transylvania movie.

Craft Passion

Wednesday 2nd of December 2015

Oh really? I didn't watch this movie, I am curious now. Will google search it to see if there is any similarity, LOL. Thanks :)