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Pumpkin Cage DIY

Pumpkin Cage DIY

September 25, 2015 /

Pumpkin Cage DIY

Welcome to the season of Fall, a season of pumpkin. Today we are going to do an easy and quick pumpkin cage craft with wire, it takes about 30 minutes or faster. You will need black coated aluminum wires or equivalent in this pumpkin cage tutorial, as long the wires are bendable and stay in shape. You will also need some simple tools that can be found in most of the DIY toolbox.

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Wired Pumpkin

Besides decorating the pumpkin in a rustic wired cage look, you can change it to a modern 2D pumpkin frame instantly by simply press the wires to both sides of the pumpkin. This flattens pumpkin frame is easier to store away too since it won’t take up much storing space.

Easy Pumpkin Frame

To be honest, this pumpkin cage project is an accidental creation. My initial plan was not into making a pumpkin cage, instead, it was supposed a wired globe for a vines plant in my small garden. Somehow, in the process of making it, my daughter asked me if I am going to make a pumpkin out of these rings of wires… I took a second look on the piece of craft on my hand, ohhhhh… it does look like a pumpkin if I press it down from the top center a little. I asked my daughter does it looks more like a pumpkin now if I press it down in this way, she nodded repeatedly with wide-eyed to agree. Cool!!! OK, let’s make pumpkin decoration!!!! This is how this pumpkin cage tutorial is here.

Happy Fall and hope to seeing you making this pumpkin cage soon.

Make Simple Pumpkin Cage


Pumpkin Cage

Finished dimension: Approximately 8″ x 8″
Time: 30 minutes

Materials & Tools:
1. Aluminum Wire, Black coating, Gauge 14 and Gauge 20
2. Wirecutter
3. Longnose pliers
4. The lid of a container or equivalent, about 7″ to 8″ in diameter.

Note: You may use other types of wire available to you as long as it is bendable.

diy-pumpkin-cage-1Gather all the materials and tools needed to make pumpkin wire cage as listed above.

diy-pumpkin-cage-2Wrap gauge 14 aluminum wire to the lid of the container. Cut the wire at 1 1/2″ overlap.
Press the wire against the lid to form a ring.

diy-pumpkin-cage-3Bend the ends of the wire with long nose pliers to form teardrop loops.

diy-pumpkin-cage-4Cut a short length of thinner wire (gauge 20, about 1 1/2″), tie both ends together to form a ring.

diy-pumpkin-cage-5Repeat the above steps to make 10 rings.

diy-pumpkin-cage-6Bend the ring into halve as shown in the picture.

diy-pumpkin-cage-7Stack the half-rings and thread a gauge 20 wire through them, tie up securely.
Repeat the same to the other end.
Note: The outermost ring at one end is the inmost ring on the other end.

diy-pumpkin-cage-8A closer look on the wires.

diy-pumpkin-cage-9Carefully open up the half-rings to form a round cage.
Press down at the top center of the round cage with a little force to form a pumpkin shape.

diy-pumpkin-cage-10Decorate the pumpkin with stem and tendril. Bend them a little to give a natural and softer look.
Stem: Cut about 24″ of gauge 14 wire, fold 4″ from the end for 4 times, thread the straight unfold ends into the pumpkin, tie the stem securely and wind the balance of the wire spirally around the stem.
Tendril: Cut about 8″ of gauge 20 wire, wind the wire spirally around a pencil or pen to create the tendril. Tie it to the stem.

Turn the pumpkin cage into a 2D pumpkin frame by pressing the rings to the side and flatten it. One pumpkin project with two appearances. Which one do you like?

Easy Pumpkin Frame


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