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Bat Oreo Pops

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Need a last-minute quick and easy Halloween treats to make for the kids? Here it is, Halloween Bat Oreo Pops, which needs only a few items to assemble. You can omit the vampire teeth for an even faster job when you are in a hurry 😉

halloween bat oreo pops

My kids love Oreo cookies, they could slurp up a storm whenever they found out that I have stocked up after the grocery shopping. If I didn’t hide some away from them, there wouldn’t be any Bat Oreo Pops craft recipe to share with you here 🙂

halloween bat cookies

My son even offered to clean up the cookies when I was in the process of assembling these Bat Oreo pops. He was hoping I failed in cutting the bat wings so that he could have all those imperfect wings to eat ha ha ha… Well, his wish was granted when I tried up the more intricate method by using the cookie cutters. Of course, the kids would love to eat the bat as a whole, but they just can’t wait.

Another note for the Candy Eyes of the Oreo Bat pop, I made them with royal icing (instruction described in this Halloween donut recipe. Leave them to dry for a few hours. Make them at least 1 day ahead before decorating. ). You will need to make them at least 1 day in advice so that they are dry enough for decorating. However, you may also buy the ready-made candy eyes from Amazon.

last minute halloween treat

We had so much fun making these Bat Oreo Pops, they came out so cute and pretty that the kids can’t wait to bring them to school to show and eat.

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Have fun and BOO!!!



Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

Need a last-minute quick and easy Halloween treats to make for the kids? Here it is, Halloween Bat Oreo Pops, which needs only a few items to assemble. You can omit the vampire teeth for an even faster job when you are in the hurry. 😉

Enjoy making them!


  • Oreo Cookies (any flavors; normal or double stuff)
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Candy Eyes. I did mine with royal icing as described in this recipe.
  • Almond Silvers
  • Chocolate / Candy Melts in piping bag (need small amount only for adhesion)


  1. Twist the sandwiched Oreo cookie to split them, you will have 1 wafer with cream filling and 1 without the cream filling.
    To make one Bat Oreo Pop, we need 2 wafers with cream filling and 1 wafer without filling.
    Cut the chocolate wafer without the cream filling into half. Cut slowly to prevent the edge from chipping away. You can use a serrated knife to saw it if you prefer this way. Just in case you didn’t cut the wafer perfectly, you still have the extra wafer to cut again.bat oreo
  2. Press the halve-wafers and popsicle stick on the cream filling as shown in the picture.
    Ooze some chocolate melt onto the assembly for better adhesion.bat oreo
  3. Press another oreo (with cream filling) onto them with the cream filling facing down.bat oreo
  4. Add 2 small dots of chocolate melt next to the “Oreo” print on the cookies. Place the candy eyes on top of them.bat oreo
  5. Cut the almond silver to a smaller size, you only need the 2 pointy parts of it.bat oreo
  6. To complete the Bat, pipe a horizontal line of chocolate and stick the almond silvers on. The bat has vampire teeth now, how cute!
    If you are living in a warmer and humid country, you need to keep the cookies in an air-tight container to prevent them from staling.bat oreo
  7. If you would like to challenge a more elaborated bat wings, you can try cut it with a “wave” shaped cookie cutters.
    The one I used is supposed a moose cookie cutter, I used the horn part of the cutter.bat oreo
  8. Cut 2 in the reverse side to make up a pair of bat wings.
    Remark: The success yield of this method is low, provided you leave the cookies outside the packaging a little longer and wait for it to stale, the cutting is easier when the cookie gets softer.bat oreo
  9. Completed 2 bats with different shapes of wings. Which one do you prefer?bat oreo

bat oreo


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