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DIY Halloween Coasters

DIY Halloween Coasters

October 28, 2013 /
halloween coasters

During each October, my home always fills with orange and black color decoration. This year, besides the Bat Flying Wall Decor, I have made a set of Halloween coasters to add to my collections; a set of pumpkin, spider, and bat felt coasters.

These felt coasters are easy to make and can be done within an evening. Templates are included for free download and ready to print. So, if you need an urgent coaster for the upcoming Halloween, try this out. .

pumpkin coasters

In order to top up the excitement of the spooky Halloween, there is also an easy recipe to make the Eyeballs Cocktail shown in the picture. With these Halloween coasters, eye-balls cocktail, Jack-O-Lantern cheesecake, and some store-bought treat, now you can call for a last-minute small Halloween party … oh, don’t forget to make a Bats Swarming Wall Decor to surprise your guests.

If you wish to get more Halloween crafts, click here.

halloween felt coasters

Halloween Theme Coasters

Make: 2 sets

Materials & Tools:
1. Synthetic Felt, 2mm thickness, Orange & Black, 12″ x 12″ each
2. spider on web, pumpkin & bat templates
3. X-ACTO Knifeir?t=crafpass 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B000V1QV7O
4. Sharp point scissors
5. Quick-dry all-purpose adhesive (clear color), for example, UHUir?t=crafpass 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00QQN5KPU
5. Card stock, letter size (8 1/2″ x 11″)
6. Pen
7. Water erasable fabric marker or light color pencil
8. Black embroidery floss
9. Metallic silver acrylic paint
10. Fine tip brush
11. Printer

EyeBalls Cocktail

1. 1 can of whole-lychee in syrup (king size)
2. Black grapes
3. Cranberry juice (chilled)


Download and print the spider on web, pumpkin & bat templates. After download, open it in Adobe Reader and print on white cardstock. The circle should measure 4″ in diameter. Don’t print from browser, the size might not in correct scale.
Cut templates with X-ACTO Knife and scissors.


Get ready all the materials and tools as listed above (didn’t show all in the picture).


Trace templates on felt. Use a pen on orange felt and light color pencil on black felt.
Trace only the bat template on the black felt, the spider and pumpkin are not necessary.


Cut traced templates from felt. Cut them slightly inside the tracing lines so that you won’t have traces of black lines showing on the felt.


Glue pumpkin and spider on the black felt will quick dry all-purpose adhesive. Make sure all edges are glued properly.
Place the felt under a stake of books for about 15 minutes or until they give a good adhesion.


Cut the black felt following the shape of the orange felt.

trace makings

Use light color pencil or water erasable fabric marker to draw pattern lines on the pumpkin and the spider coasters.


Sew back-stitches on pumpkin and wings of the bat.

make halloween felt coasters

This is how it looks like after the backstitching.

make spider felt coasters

Draw the spider webs with metallic silver acrylic paint by using a fine tip brush.


Eye Balls Cocktail


Open the can and drain the syrup of the lychee.
Wash the same amount of black grapes.


Insert the black grapes into the lychees. Cut the grapes to shorten the length if it is too long to fit in.
Place them in the cocktail glass, parfait cup, ice cream glass or dessert bowl.


Fill up with chilled cranberry juice.
Serve chilled.

bat coasters


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