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Halloween Wall Decor – Bats Flying

Halloween Wall Decor – Bats Flying

October 15, 2013 /
bats flying wall decor

Bats flying wall decor is a quick and easy paper craft to make, it transforms your wall and perhaps your home instantly for a spooky Halloween ambiance. How quick is it? It takes about 1 hour with most of the time spends on cutting out the bats. How easy is it? All you need to do is trace, cut, bend, and stick.

Inspired by the butterfly wall that I did for my daughter, I enlarged the bat template from the Halloween pillow I made last year and taadaa…. A Bat Swarming Wall is created. You may also hang the bats on the tree branches.

bats flying wall decor

You may further decorate the bat swarmed wall by adding black tulle netting, some spider webs, and spiders on the corners of the wall or on the bar counter to make it more spooky. Some skeletons, crows, jack ‘o lantern, ghost light, mummy holder will do great for the Halloween bar counter too. Get more ideas on Halloween crafts, here. Get some Halloween party treat ideas for a perfect Halloween reception, here.

More Halloween crafts to be added soon for the whole October month. Stay tuned!!!

bats flying wall decor

Bats Flying Wall Decor

Skill level: Easy
Duration: About 1 hour

Tools & Materials:
1. Bat templates
2. Black cardstocks
3. White cardstock
4. Bone folder
5. Scissor
6. Ruler
7. Double-sided tape


Download the bat templates here or by clicking the picture. Open it in Adobe reader (not in a web browser) to get the correct scale. Print it out on white cardstock.


Cut out the bat templates of assorted sizes from the printed white cardstock.
Each template is only showing half of the bat.

fold black card stock

Fold a piece of black cardstock with the width of the bat template.

trace template

With both template and cardstock fold lines aligned, trace the template to the black cardstock by using a bone folder.

cut template

Cut the bat out with a pair of scissors, be sure that both layers are well aligned during cutting.

bat pattern

Trace and cut as many as you need to decorate your wall.

bat papercraft

Use a rule and bone folder to make a crease line on the wings of the bats.

make paper bats

Fold the crease line to make a bend on the wings. Take note that the fold and bend direction of the wing is opposed to the direction of the centerline.

paper bats

Attach a small piece of double-sided tape at the center, remove the backing and stick the bats on the wall as they are swarming towards a direction.

bats flying wall decor


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