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Happy Easter

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paint easter egg

Happy Easter to all of you, my superb readers and followers!!!!!

My daughter and I painted our very first Easter eggs, not bad huh~ :p

I prepared 6 eggs but only 3 of them were made it to the showcase. What about the rest of the 3 eggs? Ha ha ha good question, they were broken during the making. We were so clumsy while handling the eggs that they fell and broke. A good experience to learn and we shell do better next year!!!

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Lumpy Page Designs

Saturday 11th of April 2009

Oh I like these!! I think they look great!!! YOu two did a good job, what kind of paint did you use to do these? I bet it was hard to hold them and paint them! The glitter eggs I did were like that. I had to glitter one side, let it dry then do the other half, otherwise I kept sticking my fingers in th glitter and then there were bald spots! Dipping them in dye is soooo much easier!


Friday 10th of April 2009

Carrie - Thanks for showing me It is cool, I like to see fail crafts and that makes me laugh out loud to find that I am not the only person in the world making ugly failed pieces.

Food For Tots

Friday 10th of April 2009

Wow! What a stunning shot! Happy Easter to you and ur family too!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy

Thursday 9th of April 2009

Have you ever been to's fun to see the crafts that didn't work out so well the first try. Join the club, right?

Stay Cozy, Carrie