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Knit A Heart Pattern

Knit A Heart Pattern

August 15, 2009 /
Knit A Heart pattern

It is not Valentine’s Day yet!!!! But I knitted some loves with this Heart Pattern, just to celebrate Craft Passion’s 1st anniversary month this August 🥰. I especially like the one shown above, red heart with a beige background, it is also meant to symbolize “Passion” – so it does denote the name of “Craft Passion”, right?

I haven’t been knitting for years….. Yesterday, when I picked up my knitting needle again, I faltered, not because I forgot the way to knit but I was surprised that I still remember how to knit!!!! This is so natural, once I gripped my needle and yarn on my hand, I started to knit automatically. I don’t even have to refer to books or diagrams for a warm-up. This could be due to my learning curve involved in this crafts……

I love knitting, like all my handicrafts know-how, I learned it from books.  That was 28 years ago since I bought my first pair of cheap alloy knitting needles for a tryout. I bought my knitting needles without any knitting knowledge. I can’t find a book with basic illustrations and diagrams in Malaysia, which has no great resources in this handicraft then.

I stumbled upon a lady owner of a craft shop who knows how to knit and was asking if she is willing to teach me. Unfortunately, she wasn’t so confident to teach as she herself self-learn how to knit as well. There was just no such demand for knitting crafts in Malaysia, located at a warm equator climate. Also, traveling to a cooler country for holidays wasn’t so common at that time too.

So, with a pair of cheap alloy needles and a ball of salvaged gray yarn, I experienced it and thought that I could think out a way how to knit. I was 11 that time, naive but determined. When all my friends were playing in the park, I just sat there and squeezed my brain juice to imagine my way to knit. Everywhere I went or anything I did, I just kept on thinking of it…..

Knit love

I knew that I was determined in handicrafts, I knew that my determination will bring me there, but “NO”….. after months of blindly trying, no book no guidance no clue, I really couldn’t think of a way to make a simple loop onto the needle, not to mention a stitch of a knit or a purl. I felt miserable and I remembered strongly this distressing feeling even it has been 28 years now. Helpless is really hopeless!!!!

My mum was worried about me because she knew that I wouldn’t give up until I found the solution, and I think she was way worried that I might become insane because of thinking of it too much, hahaha… sorry mum!

Knit passion

I was kind of lucky in some ways…. my late uncle found a very basic knitting book in a bookstore in Singapore. He bought it for me!!!! It was a thick book in green-scale printing and I remember it was from Taiwan with mandarin explanation and diagram illustration. I was so happy, so happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel after all this while. I learned to knit since then, step by step through the book… Thanks to my late uncle who gave me my very first knitting book. I will never forget him, who had just passed away in June 2009…. this knitted blue heart pattern is for him —- he loves denim jeans.

Microsoft Word - PATTERN.doc

This is the chart diagram of the heart knitting pattern, just in case you are interested to make one for your loved ones.


[Update: 09 December 2013] If you would have a bigger one, I have updated here with a heart knitting pattern that is almost double the size.

I would wish to show you some of my early projects, where I knitted some vests and tops. Let me dig it out from my wardrobe first since I haven’t been wearing them for quite sometimes  😋. It is just too warm here these days!!!

Update: After Years of creating and designing, we are adding more Free Knitting Patterns & Tutorials to Craft Passion. Head over to our Knitting Section for more free patterns & tutorials.


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