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Knit A Heart Pattern

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It is not Valentine’s Day yet!!!! But I knitted some loves with this Heart Pattern, just to celebrate Craft Passion’s 1st anniversary month this August 🥰. I especially like the one shown above, red heart with a beige background, it is also meant to symbolize “Passion” – so it does denote the name of “Craft Passion”, right?

knit heart pattern

I haven’t been knitting for years….. Yesterday, when I picked up my knitting needle again, I faltered, not because I forgot the way to knit but I was surprised that I still remember how to knit!!!! This is so natural, once I gripped my needle and yarn on my hand, I started to knit automatically. I don’t even have to refer to books or diagrams for a warm-up. This could be due to my learning curve involved in this crafts……

I love knitting, like all my handicrafts know-how, I learned it from books.  That was 28 years ago since I bought my first pair of cheap alloy knitting needles for a tryout. I bought my knitting needles without any knitting knowledge. I can’t find a book with basic illustrations and diagrams in Malaysia, which has no great resources in this handicraft then.

I stumbled upon a lady owner of a craft shop who knows how to knit and was asking if she is willing to teach me. Unfortunately, she wasn’t so confident to teach as she herself self-learn how to knit as well. There was just no such demand for knitting crafts in Malaysia, located at a warm equator climate. Also, traveling to a cooler country for holidays wasn’t so common at that time too.

So, with a pair of cheap alloy needles and a ball of salvaged gray yarn, I experienced it and thought that I could think out a way how to knit. I was 11 that time, naive but determined. When all my friends were playing in the park, I just sat there and squeezed my brain juice to imagine my way to knit. Everywhere I went or anything I did, I just kept on thinking of it…..

hear knitting pattern

I knew that I was determined in handicrafts, I knew that my determination will bring me there, but “NO”….. after months of blindly trying, no book no guidance no clue, I really couldn’t think of a way to make a simple loop onto the needle, not to mention a stitch of a knit or a purl. I felt miserable and I remembered strongly this distressing feeling even it has been 28 years now. Helpless is really hopeless!!!!

My mum was worried about me because she knew that I wouldn’t give up until I found the solution, and I think she was way worried that I might become insane because of thinking of it too much, hahaha… sorry mum!

love knit pattern

I was kind of lucky in some ways…. my late uncle found a very basic knitting book in a bookstore in Singapore. He bought it for me!!!! It was a thick book in green-scale printing and I remember it was from Taiwan with mandarin explanation and diagram illustration. I was so happy, so happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel after all this while. I learned to knit since then, step by step through the book… Thanks to my late uncle who gave me my very first knitting book. I will never forget him, who had just passed away in June 2009…. this knitted blue heart pattern is for him —- he loves denim jeans.

heart diagram

This is the chart diagram of the heart knitting pattern, just in case you are interested to make one for your loved ones.

heart chart

[Update: 09 December 2013] If you would have a bigger one, I have updated here with a heart knitting pattern that is almost double the size.

I would wish to show you some of my early projects, where I knitted some vests and tops. Let me dig it out from my wardrobe first since I haven’t been wearing them for quite sometimes  😋. It is just too warm here these days!!!

What’s Next

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Sunday 24th of March 2024

What a great idea! I put this on a sock. The pattern called for a purled heart but when i finished the stitches were very loose on the right hand side. This was brilliant and looks wonderful and all tight stitches. THANKS

Constance Weinberg

Sunday 3rd of March 2019

How do I make this pattern for a 10 inch square for an afghan. I love the heart but I don't know how to adjust it as above. Thanks for your help.

Craft Passion

Monday 4th of March 2019

Hi Constance, first of all, you will need to know your tension of your knit or crochet work in 4" x 4". You may do a sample piece to gauge the tension, do some maths to get the total number of stitches and rows to obtain a 10" square. You may add some stitches and or rows to the heart pattern to make up to the measurement you want. Let me know should you still need help on this.


Monday 14th of March 2016

Thank you for the pattern and idea. I have tried without success to get a "how to" on knitting a different coloured heart onto a blanket so that both front and back look good. I dont think it can be done so I was thrilled to see your idea of same colour but different stitch. It's subtle and sweet. I am a new knitter but think I can manage this one lol! Thx again


Thursday 28th of January 2016

I only found this blog this morning and just knitted one of the larger ones up with the thought of making it a blanket square but I think I need to add some extra stitches each side and a few more rows to make the heart stand out a bit more I am also loving the reverse as I have seen some others comment. Thank you I am loving experimenting again it has been a long time since I actually made anything


Friday 4th of December 2015

can you please show a written pattern for this? i can not read charts and i love this patter soooooo much.. thank you, lulu