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Knit Entrelac Pattern

Knit Entrelac Pattern

May 25, 2012 /

entrelac knitting

When I first saw this entrelac pattern…. wow, this woven knit strips pattern is so beautiful!!! I definitely want to make this, but how? Thanks to the modern technology of the internet, I searched through the web and found some videos that taught about it. I like Planet Purl’s video the most, not only that it is easy to understand, Beth Moriarty has every stitch covered and explained. I am able to cast on and start knitting after the first or 2nd views of the video tutorial. Please stay tuned to see what will this piece of entrelac knit turn into… I can foresee something sweet is on its way to Craft Passion pattern & tutorial 🙂

There are 6 parts of the video tutorial to complete the entrelac knitting pattern, go through each of them and you will be able to do the same. As long as you can do a cast on, knit, purl, purl 2 together, slip slip knit, and bind off, you are able to make this woven-like knit pattern. There is of course a crochet version on entrelac, but the effect is not exactly the same. Maybe I will cover that as well after finish this project.

Entrelac (weave) knitting pattern

I am not a proclaimed professional in knitting, but I have the passion to create something out of the needles and yarns. Not lucky enough to have a video and tutor to guide me through, so, I am basically a self-taught knitter and I learned knitting more than 30 years ago from just a basic knitting book. Long story short, I can knit after making numerous trials and errors, with no regret of the hard work, and I really proud of myself for being able to knit a few vests, cardigans, pullovers, scarfs, etc….. And also, conduct a small class among classmates during the break time between high school classes.

So, you think it is a real woven knit strip? Not until you look at the wrong side of the knit piece…. no overlapped knit strips, SURPRISED!!!

[update: I made this into an Entrelac Messenger Bag]

Entrelac (weave) knitting pattern

Knit Entrelac Pattern

SOURCE: Planet Purl youtube video tutorial.
[Remark: Beth Moriarty of Purl Planet used 5 stitches for each “strip”. Mine is 6 stitches, the method is the same, the only difference is the width of the “strip”]

Part 1 – Bottom Triangles [Watch this video on Youtube]

Part 2 – Left Edge Triangles [Watch this video on Youtube]

Part 3 – Wrong Side Rectangle [Watch this video on Youtube]

Part 4 – Right Edge Triangles [Watch this video on Youtube]

Part 5 – Right Side Rectangle [Watch this video on Youtube]

Part 6 – Top Triangles [Watch this video on Youtube]

knit weave


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