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Martha Stewart Craft Paint + 50 DIY Projects

May 20, 2012 /
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martha stewart paints DIY paint projects

Hope you have had a wonderful Mother’s Day… Are you ready for something new in Craft Passion? Yup, the Martha Stewart’s Craft Decorative Paint series (products by Plaid). New craft materials that I wanted to try out when I first saw it in the market, I can’t wait to begin my DIY Paint Projects soon.

I knew Plaid launched this paint line in Q3/Q4 2011, a paint line and its accessories that every crafter would dream to own a set or at least a few bottles of them.

Well, I am not that lucky to have the products delivered to my house from the USA during the introduction period, but lucky enough to chance upon them in a craft shop in my country, Malaysia. As a good excuse to buy something for myself during Mother’s Day, I swept almost each of everything the shop has for the Martha Stewart craft decorative paint and its tools & accessories (too bad they ran out of stock for some products that I really wanted to have). Check out the full range of what Plaid has to offer for the Martha Stewart’s series, here.

Martha Stewart effect paint DIY paint projects

Wow… I am still feeling excited to be able to buy them locally, as I can do so many DIY paint projects besides the usual craft I did (should I grow more hands in the meantime?).

If you have been close to me, probably you heard me telling you that I bought a condominium on the island, that even excites me, with these paints, I think I can do so many things for the new home… just hope I can get the key as soon as possible to start my dream home design and decoration 🙂

Please scroll down to see my favorite top 50’s DIY Paint Project selection found among the fabulous craft bloggers. As you may notice, these paints are also good for embellishing fabrics, T-shirts, and fiber… basically almost any surface. If I have these beforehand, I should have used them for this, this, and this. Never too late, I have great ideas to use them for some new tutorials. So… STAY TUNED!!!!

martha stewart products for DIY paint projects

50 Inspiring DIY Paint Projects to Make:


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Wednesday 15th of May 2013

Pourquoi suis-je incapable d'imprimer les patrons? Merci de votre attention.

Translation (by Google): Why am I unable to print the patterns? Thank you for your attention

Craft Passion

Wednesday 15th of May 2013

Which one in exact that you are having problem with? Can you tell me more details so I can see if I can help from here?


Tuesday 30th of October 2012

May i know how much does one bottle cost? Thanks :)

mak teh

Monday 21st of May 2012

like the new look of the site