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Pom-Pom Mink Scarf

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Learn how to knit a scarf with Pom Pom or marshmallow yarn to make Pom-Pom Mink Scarf. It is a great neck warmer and shoulders warmer on wintry days. You only need to know how to do Knit stitch to complete the scarf.

how to Knit Pom Pom Mink Scarf

The yarn I used is from Steinbach Wolle which I bought some time ago. The name of the yarn is called “Rapunzel” and it is categorized under Super Bulky weight. The material is made from 100% manufactured microfiber, hence it is very soft and comfortable. Because of the little pom-poms connected in the string of yarn, some brands (Sirdar and Rico) call it pom-pom yarn or Pompon yarn.

how to knit a scarf

How To Knit A Scarf

with Super Bulky yarn

scroll ⬇️ to get the knitting pattern & tutorial 

If you know how to knit, completing this pom-pom mink scarf is pretty easy. Most of you are experienced knitters out there, I am sure once you look at the picture of the giveaway draw, you already knew how to knit the scarf, right? Even a beginner can try to do this as you won’t see the tension of your knit work since the stitches are hidden by the pom-pom. All you need to know is “knit” to make Garter stitches for the scarf. Garter stitch means you knit on both sides, no purl is required.

knit Pom Pom Mink Scarf

I hope you enjoy knitting this warm and cozy scarf

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Yield: 7.5″ (W) x 42″ (L) POM-POM SCARF
Active Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Avid Beginner
Estimated Cost: $15 - $20

You just need to know how to do knit stitches to complete this beautiful Pom Pom Mink Scarf. Let's learn how to knit it.

Enjoy knitting them!


  • 5 x 50 gram of Rapunzel yarn from Steinbach Wolle. (Other yarn brands will call it pom-pom yarn, or Marshmallow yarn)
  • Pom pom + elastic fastener (Optional)


  • A pair of 4mm needles


Dimension: 7.5″ (190mm) W x 42″ (1070mm) L
Stitch: 16
Row: 176


  1. how to knit a scarfStart by cast-on with the straight yarn before a big pom-pom.
    The cast-on I used is “loop cast-on” or “wrap cast-on”. The Grey small pom-pom (on the left) is the tail end and the Brown big pom-pom (on the right) is at the start.

  2. how to knit a scarfMake a loop and insert the knitting needle into the loop.
    Make sure that the tail end is behind the start of the yarn as shown in the picture.

  3. how to knit a scarfMake 2 “loop cast-on” on the straight yarn between the pom-pom.
    The second loop is a little harder to insert as the straight yarn is short and being restricted by the pom-pom.
    Keep the loops closer to the tip so that it is easier for you to cast-on the second loop into the needle.

  4. how to knit a scarfSkip the big pom-pom and cast-on 2 loops again with the straight yarn, do it again and again until you have 16 loops to begin on the first row.
    You will have 4 big pom-poms and 3 small pom-poms in between the 16 loops as shown.

  5. how to knit a scarfSkip the next small pom pom and begin to knit the straight yarn onto the first loop.
    a. Hold your casted needle with your left hand and an empty needle on your right hand.

    b. Insert your right needle into the first loop of your left needle as shown, so that your right needle is at the bottom of the left needle.

  6. how to knit a scarfCross-over the yarn (black color) counter-clockwise with the tail resting between the “X” of the 2 needles.

  7. how to knit a scarfGently pull back the right needle out from the loop, bringing together the yarn and bring it in front of the left needle.

  8. how to knit a scarfDraw the first stitch out from the left needle and you have completed the first knit.

    Note: You will have a small pom-pom at the side of your scarf.

  9. how to knit a scarfContinue knitting for the rest of the 15 loops while transferring all the loops from left to right needle to complete the second row.
    Remember, there are only 2 stitches in between the pom-pom and only knit the straight yarn and not the pom-pom.
    Now you can see much clearer, at each side of a row, there will be an additional small pom-pom.

  10. how to knit a scarfSwitch side to your needles and you should be holding the knitted pom-pom on your left and an empty needle on your right and start to knit the third row.
    Knit…. knit…. knit…. clock ticking…. tick tock tick tock… after 2 hours, the scarf was half-way finished, with my speed and skill.

  11. how to knit a scarfAlmost finished, just cast off by knitting 2 stitches together (K2tog). Hide both yarns ends among the pom-pom. DONE!

  12. how to knit a scarfYou can add a big pompom or a big brooch as a fastener for the Pom Pom Mink Scarf and wear it just like the photos shown above.
    Tutorial for making a pom-pom.

how to knit a scarf

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New Addicted Knitter

Monday 1st of August 2011

I am very new to knitting (I learned last week). I'm on holiday, am determined and for years said I couldn't do this knitting thing. Well now I can!... almost. Kitting is very addictive!

My problem. My Ma had this pretty wool, she never used it so I snatched it up (so I have it with no wrapper with handy instructions on it). After watching a few you tube vids, inventing my own way of casting on and knitting for a day, I have this gorgeous scarf that is impossible to bind off!

My wool is a non standard size, I think, (I can only do one stitch between each pom pom). To describe the poms are seemingly half the size of the Rico brand poms. The string between wraps around (the 3.75 mm needles I am using) only one full circle.

Using the usually cast off method of slipping the last stitch over the new stitch I am left with a pleasing crotchet effect - but the end is all bunched up. It doesn't have the stretch of the start side.

As I am working with 9 stitches facing up k2tog leaves one behind and (as I understand it) tapers the rows down to a point. I want it to look the same as the flat start.

I've tried casting off (over half a day and multiple different ways). I am writing a note to every vid and help site is search of help as my last resort is to strip the poms off the string and cast off that way (it just doesn't seem to be the elegant solution to me - and I've only been doing this a week!) There just has to be a cleaver solution to this prob, I'm too novice to figure it out on my own.

I would be grateful for any advice given.


Friday 10th of June 2011

Love this pom pom faux mink scarf knitting tutorial! I bought this great pom pom yarn and was looking for a unique way to knit and show it off - this tutorial had it all: innovative and informative.

Craft Passion

Tuesday 14th of June 2011

Glad & happy to know this, thanks! Do come back for other tutorials :)


Sunday 10th of April 2011

Just saw above instruction for tying ends together when adding another skein.sorry for that!


Sunday 10th of April 2011

I need to add another ball of pom pom yarn... how is that done. I was going to tie together.


Thursday 6th of January 2011

Thanks for the instructions on how to knit with this yarn. I've finished my scarf but can't for the life of me figure out how to bind off. I have three sets of two stitches on my needle. If I knit two together, I end up with 3 stitches on my needle. If I knit those stitches together, two at a time, the end of my scharf will come to a point and not look like the cast-on end. Can someone please describe the bind off a little more clearly for me. I must be missing something here. Thank you in advance for your help.

Craft Passion

Thursday 6th of January 2011

Hi Betty, you need to knit 2 together then cast off by bringing the loop over, just like you cast off your stitches in your normal knitting. Hope this help :)

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