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How To Make Yarn Pom Poms

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Learn the basics of how to make yarn pom poms by using pom pom makers. Create pom-poms for use in a variety of crafts, and then transform them into things like garlands, hair accessories, dolls, and so on.

how to make yarn pom poms

Recently, I fell in love with making Pom Poms. At first, I bought the pom-pom maker just for the purpose of making a Pom-Pom elastic band for the Pom-Pom Faux Mink Scarf I knitted for the giveaway. But I fell in love deeply with the maker tool after that.

It is easy to make and fun, most importantly the possibility of coming up with various adorable things is unlimited and I started to crave making all kinds of things I could possibly think of. Hair barrettes, Pumpkin, Spider, Butterfly, Elmo, Cookies Monster, Shaun The Sheep, Snowman, etc…. the list never ends. These would be some great gift ideas for the upcoming Christmas.

Before I can show all those cutie things I can make, I would like to share with you the basics tutorial of how to make yarn pom poms by using the pom-pom maker from Clover. Of course, other than using this maker, you can make a simple kit yourself by cutting a piece of round cardboard with a hole in the center. But I find that the Clover kit is easy to use and fast to make. I wonder if Clover will pay me for this product review, LOL!

make pom pom
To show that it is a quick craft, I made all of these in 1 hour, including the trimming.

You may have noticed the two small orange Pom-Poms that have been heavily trimmed. Originally, they were the same size as the one next to them, but I reduced their size so that I could turn them into a pair of hairpins for my daughter. It’s made from the leftover yarn from her halter neck bareback knitted top.

How To Make Yarn Pom Poms


This is the kit of 4 Pom-Pom makers. I bought the size of 35mm, 45mm, 65mm, and 85mm.


Open the arm of the pom-pom maker side-way, do the same to the other arm.


Wind a full load of yarns onto it. Distribute evenly throughout the arm.


Repeat the same on the other side by bringing the yarn over and wind. You don’t have to cut the yarn.


When the arms are fully wound, close back the arms to its original position.


Use a pair of sharp point scissors to cut the circumference.


Tie with a strand of yarn or a strong string which you can pull real hard to tighten the Pom-Pom.
Tip: I apply fabric glue in this area after taking the Pom Pom kit out to ensure the yarn won’t come out when you accidentally pull the Pom-Pom.


Open both arms and separate the Kit from the Pom-Pom you have made.


Not-so-round Pom-Pom waiting for its hair cut and trimming.


Trim it to your desired shape and size for your project, can be lightly trim or heavily trim. Be sure to fluff the Pom-Pom regularly when trimming so that all yarn is straightened out.
A little skill is needed if you plan for heavily trim, but I have a tip on how to do it fast and nice.


This is the lightly trim version of a round Pom Pom. You may trim more to get a firmer pom-pom with shorter hair.


Simply hot glue the elastic band onto the center of the Pom Pom to create a Pom-Pom elastic band similar to the one in the first picture.


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Sunday 17th of September 2017

This is the clover pom pom maker, what about the normal, cheap and cheerful ones? how do we use those please... no one is showing us how.

Joyce Raab

Monday 27th of February 2012

Your website just created excitement within me. Makes me just want to try my hand at all your goodies. I will have to hurry, seeing as I will soon be 76. Keep up the great inspirations! Joyce

Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith)

Monday 13th of February 2012

These are so cute, I use a lot yarn & sometimes have some left over, this would be a great ideal, I downloaded the pattern.


Friday 23rd of December 2011

Here's a tip when you tie the middle to make the knot nice and tight...when you cross your threads do it twice. This is called a Surgeons Knot...and it will hold the thread tight while you finish it off. See the easy :43 second video by mdhaworth on Youtube.


Thursday 10th of November 2011

hola como estas? me encantaria saber a donde puedo conseguir el kit para hacer los pmpones . soy de CORDOBA, ARGENTINA! te mando un beso grande y desde ya muchas gracias

Translation (by Google): hello how are you? I would love to know where I can get the kit to make pmpones. I CORDOBA, ARGENTINA! I send you a big kiss and thank you very much and since

Craft Passion

Thursday 10th of November 2011

Hi Andrea, You may try Clover Online but I am not sure if they deliver to Argentina.