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Ladybug Tutu Halloween Costume

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Due to my new home’s renovation in progress, this year I don’t have time to make any Halloween costume for my kids. I am glad to discover Anshu of Blooms And Bugs’ Ladybug Tutu Halloween Costume. You will need to prepare the following to sew one for your lovely kid. If you are running out of time to sew a complicated costume, this could be great help as it only requires 2-3 hours.

ladybug tutu halloween costume

Materials for Ladybug Tutu:

Mini Ruffle Fabric
Quarter inch elastic
6 inch Tulle Red
Red elastic
Elastic thread
Fake red flowers

I hope you enjoy your Halloween preparation as much as you do, I will rejoin you for more Halloween crafts next year.

Pop over to Anshu’s blog for detail tutorial.

TIP: Adapt this method and change the color theme to white to sew a white angel costume for Christmas.

ladybug tutu halloween costume

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