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DIY Fabric Poinsettia

DIY Fabric Poinsettia

December 12, 2011 /

fabric poinsettia pattern
I am obsessed with Poinsettia, I don’t know why, but I just love this red leaves flower that brings a festive mood to my home every end of the year. Last year, I crochet some poinsettia coasters which don’t really look like poinsettia except for the color tone… 😆 but they really get me into the mood of Christmas. This year, I make poinsettia again, and this time with fabrics and wires.

fabric poinsettia

These fabric poinsettia flowers can be made into a flower bouquet for table decoration during Christmas or as ornaments for your Christmas tree and other decorations like wreaths etc… You may add some glitters to the flower by applying glue along the petals’ edges and veins, the spread some glitters on them, and set them aside for drying.

diy poinsettia

Happy making this fabric poinsettia and Merry Christmas……

DIY fabric poinsettia

Fabric Poinsettia

Make: 4

1. Red fabric – Fat Quarter
2. Green fabric – Fat Eighth
3. Red floral tape – 1 roll
4. Green floral tape – 1 roll
5. Floral wire – #22 wire gauge, 60 pcs. (15 per flower)
6. Artificial stamens

1. Sewing machine or hand sew
2. Strong thread, green
3. Tacky glue, or fabric glue
4. Jar, approx. 2″ diameter
5. Tea light candle
6. Scissors, for fabric and wire
7. Iron

Finished Dimension:
Approx. 6″ wide

[Note: As many of you may know, the “petal” is actually the bract of poinsettia which has the shape of a leaf. The following tutorial will use bract for the “red petals”.]


tools and materials to make fabric poinsettiaTo make the leaf-shaped wire for the flower, prepare a 2″ diameter glass jar, a tea light candle, floral wire, and red floral tape. A wire cutter is needed only if you are using long wire.


poinsettia wire1. Wrap the floral wire with the red floral tape. 1 floral wire make 1 bract.
2. Roll the wire onto the jar, twist the end
3. Wire formed into a circle shape after taking out from the jar
4. Turn the circle into a leaf’s shape by pressing the wire with your fingers to form a bract.


make fabric poinsettia 6Repeat the same to the smaller bract with tea light candle.
For each flower, make 5 small bracts & 7 big bracts with red wire, 3 big leaves with green wire.
Bend the end so that it points upward.


prepare fabric for poinsettiaCut a fabric strip slightly wider than the bract’s wire.
Lightly ruffled it at the middle by either using sewing machine or hand-stitch.
Press with an iron to form a veined look. You may starch it lightly if you want.


make fabric poinsettia1. Apply tacky glue or fabric glue at the bottom part of the bract wire.
2. Bond it to the ruffled fabric. Smooth out the fabric at the contact point and make sure the wire is properly glued down.
3. Repeat the bonding for all the bracts and leaves, set them aside for the glue to dry. Preferable overnight for a thorough dry.
4. Cut the excessive fabric along the wire.


make fabric poinsettia 12Tie 8 artificial stamens together with a strong thread to form cyathia.


make fabric poinsettia 13First-round, add 5 small bracts to the cyathia.
You can either tie each bract to the cyathia before adding another one or arrange all 5 bracts and tie them together at once.


make fabric poinsettia 14Add 7 big bracts and 3 leaves to the flower. Bind with thread and tie.


back of fabric poinsettiaWrap all the wires together with the green floral tape.
Shape the bracts and leaves by making some bending here and there so that they look natural.


The translucent effect of the fabric poinsettia with lighting from the back of the flower.
Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Happy celebration with beautiful decoration!!!
Translucent Effect Of Fabric Poinsettia


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