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Modern Hexagon Flower Quilt Duvet

Modern Hexagon Flower Quilt Duvet

July 25, 2019 /

modern hexagon flower duvet

The new hexagon flower quilt duvet with its new owner

Moving forward from the previous tutorial on how to sew a hexagon flower quilt block with a sewing machine, now the hexagon flower quilt blocks are joined up to make a bigger quilted piece before sewing onto a duvet cover. This is a shortcut way to save time on creating a beautiful, comfy soft and fluffy warm bedding quilt for the family.


hexagon flower quilt pattern

Remember the Secret Garden Quilt I designed and sewed for my daughter? It has been 6 years since I shared the sewing pattern, it is time to sew a new one for her. My once little girl has grown up to a teenage girl now, she has her own preference in color and design. She wanted her room in blue color, so she chose her blue paint and went ahead to paint her room blue under my little help and guidance. She is happy with her work and I am happy that she did it almost all by herself including the cleaning up. **thumbs up**

How To Sew Hexagon Flower Quilt Duvet

continue to read and get the pattern & tutorial below ⬇️

modern hexagon quilt

With the new bedroom color theme, the Secret Garden quilt is no longer coordinating in her room (imagine an orange-green quilt in a blue bedroom, **eyeroll**). She requested a soft comforter in blue color instead of a quilt for her new room when she told me about her idea of repainting her bedroom. We spent some times sitting down, going through some ideas, window shopping for the bedding set but nothing comes to an agreement until this hexagon flowers quilt duvet idea popped up. As mentioned earlier, I have been wanting to sew a hexagon flower quilt since years but I never expect she will agree with something traditional. I felt so glad that I brought up this design idea and she accepted it with one condition, the fabrics have to be in blue. 

machine sew hexagon quilt

Without any delay, all the blue fabrics were out from my stash, be it in yardage, fat quarter sets, or scraps. Weeks after working on the preparation and sewing, my daughter finally has what she is looking for that is not available in the market – handmade from mom. She is happy to have a modern hexagon flower quilt duvet, and, I am happy that she is happy with my work.

hexagon quilt

modern hexagon flower duvet

Modern Hexagon Flower Quilt Duvet Cover

Yield: Single Size Duvet Cover
Active Time: 14 days
Total Time: 14 days
Difficulty: Avid Beginner
Estimated Cost: NA

This is an extension of the previous tutorial about how to sew a hexagon flower quilt block with a sewing machine.

The hexagon quilt blocks are joined up to make a bigger quilt fabric before sewing onto a duvet cover. A shortcut way to making a modern hexagon flower quilt - save time on creating a beautiful, comfy soft and fluffy warm bedding quilt for the family.




  1. Prewash the Single Size Duvet Cover and check the final dimension after washed, the width determines the number of hexagon flowers quilt block for the item below which fits 54" width.
  2. Prepare the hexagon flower quilt piece by following this tutorial with a sewing machine (PIC 1). The main piece requires 143 flowers and 142 hexagons, while the balance 16 flowers are for the top and bottom decorative borders. Keep the freezer paper backings intact, they will be removed at the later stage.
  3. Cut Batting or Flannel fabric to 2 pcs of 28" W x 1.75 yards, sew the long side together with a 1/2" seam allowance. Leave a 20" opening at the middle of the seam for turning the quilt right side out. Keep the balance of fabric for single flowers.
  4. Align the hexagon flower quilt piece on the sewn batting or flannel, right side facing each other, center to center. (PIC 2)
  5. Pin the edge of the quilt to the bottom fabric with quilters pins. Sew along the hexagon edges, avoid sewing to the seam allowances of the hexagons' joints. (PIC 3)
  6. Remove the freezer paper backing with a sharp tool, use an awl or a pair of small scissors to prick out the paper. If needed, you may spray some water on the freezer paper and let it sit a while before removing. (PIC 4)
  7. Spray some starch and iron to flatten the seam allowance if needed. (PIC 5 & PIC 6)
  8. Trim the batting or flannel near to the seam line, clip the corners. (PIC 7 & PIC 8)
  9. Turn the hexagon quilt right side out from the opening. Prick the corners of the hexagon with an awl or with your preferred method. Iron the edges. (PIC 9)
  10. Quilt the hexagon piece your preferred way. I stitch in the ditch on alternate flowers. (PIC 10)
  11. Baste the hexagon quilt piece to the center of the duvet cover. Sew the edges with a sewing machine or hand-sew them with slip stitches. (PIC 11)
  12. Make 16 pieces of hexagon flowers with the same method. Align the bottom edge and inner side of the top edge of the duvet cover with 8 hexagon flowers respectively. Pin and sew. (PIC 12, PIC 13 & PIC 14)


Depending on the speed and hours you are spending on the project, the total time needed is only an approximation.

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More Details on how to sew Modern Hexagon Flower Quilt Duvet

hexquilt 21 1


Note that this 54″ x 58″ piece is covering the width of a single size duvet cover only, not the length. I purposely make it shorter so it doesn’t cover the full length of the quilt cover.
If you are sewing it for a bigger quilt cover, sew more hexagon flower quilt block to make up the width and length.

hexquilt 22


The red dashed line is the unsewn seam of the batting’s joint. This 20″ opening allowance is for turning the quilt piece right-side out.

hexquilt 23


Do not sew the seam allowances of the hexagon joints.

hexquilt 24


Removing the freezer paper backings. You may find that the whole piece becomes so soft and lighter in weight without the paper.

hexquilt 25


Iron to flatten the seam allowance again if needed. I spray some starch to the surface to make the quilt piece a little sturdier.

hexquilt 26


The difference between the flattened seam allowance and the not-so-flat. A flat surface is easier to quilt.

hexquilt 27


A closer look on the trimmed seam allowance.

hexquilt 28


Clip away the corners to get a sharper point on the hexagons during turning out.

hexquilt 29


I used an awl to prick out the corners of the hexagon. You may also use a tapestry or a darning needle to do the job.

hexquilt 30

PIC 10

This is how I quilted the hexagon flower piece.

hexquilt 32

PIC 11

Baste the quilted piece and sew it on the duvet cover. I hand-sewed it because the duvet opening is too small to manipulate around for machine sewing.

hexquilt 33

PIC 12

Slit an opening at the batting of the single hexagon flower for turning the flower right-side out. Remember to trim the seam allowance and clip the corners too.

hexquilt 34

PIC 13

The single hexagon flowers after turning out. Sew in the ditch around the center hexagon of the flower.

hexquilt 35

PIC 14

You may download the Flower templates and print it out on card-stock. Cut it out and trace at the places where you want to put your flower borders at.


I love to fold the top edge of the comforter duvet out when doing the bed. Hence I sewed a row of hexagon flowers at the inner piece of the duvet cover so that they get to display when it is folded.

machine sew hexagon quilt

The bottom edge of the modern hexagon flower quilt duvet.

quick hexagon quilt


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