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No-Sew Leather Pouch Pattern

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Over the end of last year, I was so busy making up handmade gifts for friends, relatives, and family members. This no-sew Leather Pouch is one of the gifts I have done. It is made from genuine soft leather and the size is 4″ (W) x 2 1/2″ (H). It is perfect for keeping loose coins and small notes, or, for storing your business cards, discount cards, credit cards etc.

no-sew leather pouch

In order to further enhance the design, I used high-quality permanent ink to stamp and decorate the Leather Pouch. The permanent ink I used is Stazon and I have tested that they are durable on leather. Add some metal embellishments as you wish for a touch of refinement.

No-Sew Leather Pouch – How To Make

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easy no-sew leather pouch

The leathers used in this pouch are pigment-coated finished leather scraps. I bought the leather from a shop where they collected the scraps from a sofa factory, car seat factory, and other leather goods factories. If you can’t find it anywhere locally, you can buy some leather scraps to make. However, you can always replace the leather with thick felt, faux leather, PVC leather, and something equivalent you can think of to make this leather pouch.

Since I only need a small piece (10″ x 6″) of leather to make this little pouch, these scraps are more than enough to make a few of them in different colors. You may also salvage leather from big old furniture or big bags since some parts of them are still in good condition.

no-sew envelop pouch

The Leather Pouch uses easy-to-install Button Stud flap closure, all you need is to punch a couple of holes on this no-sew DIY wallet (holes positions are stated in the pouch template), and follow the details on how to screw them together to make up the pouch.

The capacity of the leather wallet pattern can easily handle 8 to 10 loyalty cards or credit cards, or about 30 business cards.

no-sew leather card pouch

If you prefer, the no-sew leather pouch can be used as a coin purse to keep loose coins and small notes instead of using it as a card pouch. It is ideal for school kids to bring their lunch money to school.

I find both of them came in handy inside my big purse, so I made 2 for myself, one as a leather card pouch and one as a leather coin purse.

no-sew leather coin pouch

It is a perfect gift to make for Father’s Day and Back To School, for men and schoolboys respectively, just leave the design plain if you wish as men and boys might prefer a plain leather pouch design. You can even make a pair of them for couples or newlywed couples; a plain design for him and a feminine design for her by using the same leather, for example. Both designs are equally charming.

no-sew leather coin purse


No-Sew Leather Pouch Pattern

Difficulty: Easy
Finished size: approximately 4″ (W) x 2 1/2″ (H)
Download: No Sew Pouch Template

Materials and Tools:
1. Leather (pigment-coated finished leather) scrap, 10″ x 6″
2. Button Stud (screwback), Antique Brass color, 1 set. 8mm tall; 7mm base diameter; 6mm stud head diameter
3. Hole Punch Tool
4. Ball-pen
5. Scissors that are able to cut thick fabric
6. Stamps and Permanent Ink (optional)
7. Embellishment (optional)
8. Tragacanth Leather Burnishing gum and tools (optional)
9. No Sew  Leather Pouch Template

I used CMC (Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose) clear leather burnishing agent. Tragacanth Leather Burnishing gum and tools are optional but your leather product will look professionally done if you have it treated.
I used Stazon Permanent ink stamp pad (Timber Brown and Opaque Cotton White) to create some design on the no-sew pouch, and further enhance the look by adding some star-shaped studs with prongs.

diy no sew pouch 1

Gather all the materials and tools listed above.

diy no sew pouch 2

The stud button is easily fastened together with the screwback attachment that is included.

diy no sew pouch 3

Trace the no-sew Leather Pouch template to the flesh side of the leather.

diy no sew pouch 4

Carefully cut out the leather piece with a pair of strong scissors. Cut inside the lines so that the pen marks are not on the edge of the pouch.
Punch holes on the No-Sew Pouch as indicated on the template.

diy no sew pouch 5

Optional. Apply a small amount of the burnishing gum to the flesh side or edge of your leather spread evenly then firmly work into the leather with a smooth wooden dowel or piece of scrapper.
I used a plastic soft scraper to apply the gum, I am not scrapping, instead, I use it to push the gum into the leather. Later, I found that using fingers to apply the gum is easier.

diy no sew pouch 7

Leather the edges with burnishing gum as well.

diy no sew pouch 6

Reapply burnishing gum as necessary to the leather and leave to dry.

diy no sew pouch 8

The difference between a burnished leather (bottom piece) and non-burnished leather (top piece).
A burnished leather will give a neat flesh side and edges.

diy no sew pouch 9

Stamp on the leather to make some designs. This is absolutely optional as some people will love to have the No-Sew Pouch plain.
I used Stazon permanent ink pad and some favorite stamps. They stay permanent on the leather, rubbing won’t hurt them, but please avoid aggressive solvent-based cleaner.

diy no sew pouch 10

Further embellish the no-sew Leather Pouch with some metal parts, again, this is optional.

no-sew leather pouch

Assemble the stud button onto the no-sew DIY wallet to complete the pouch.

no-sew leather pouch

1. Insert the screwback plate from the flesh side of the left flap.
2. Follow by the right flap.
3. Then by the bottom flap.
4. Screw the round stud head tightly to the screwback to complete.

no-sew leather pouch

Push the stud button through the hole on the top flap to close the pouch.

no-sew leather pouch

An easy no-sew Leather Pouch is done.


The no-sew Leather Pouch is great for storing your loose coins, business card, member cards, credit cards, or even discount cards. It can be a little leather wallet for a boy to carry their lunch money to school.

no-sew leather wallet

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Sunday 27th of November 2022

Wonderful pattern and tutorial! I made coin pouches for my older grandkids (think gift card holder) and plan to put in a few dollars, coins, and lip balm for Christmas. For my oldest grandson, I used leather from his beloved great-grandfather's old 1970's jacket. Fun to make and these will be fun to give. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing! God bless you!


Monday 4th of October 2021

Hi, I really love your tutorial! where did you buy the stamps?

Craft Passion

Monday 4th of October 2021

Thank you, Corinna. The stamps is from Tim Holtz - Stampers Anonymous (Affiliate link) and the name is "Curiosities". You may find it at scrapbooking supplies shops that carrier Tim Holtz products.

Laura Handville

Thursday 8th of April 2021

Hi- These are adorable- I can't figure out how to access the free template for this though... Can you direct me? Laura

Craft Passion

Sunday 11th of April 2021

Here is the link to the template or you can find it in the tutorial section as "Download: No Sew Pouch Template".

Karin Henderson

Friday 8th of February 2019

Love these! Where do you buy your leather? Thanks!!

Craft Passion

Saturday 9th of February 2019

I got them from leather furniture maker as scraps

Antonio Delicado

Thursday 16th of August 2018

Great job