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Ombre Heart Painting

Ombre Heart Painting

February 9, 2017 /

ombre painting valentines

Valentine’s Day is approaching, do you need to make a quick and easy last-minute Valentine’s Day craft? Here is the 30 minutes valentines craft you can make, the Ombre Heart Painting. Inspired by the idiom “Love is Blind”, I adapted the Ishihara Plate design to paint the surrounding of the heart with dots to create the ombre color tone of pink and gold. Note: Ishihara Plate is used for color blindness test.

I did it on a 6″ x 6″ canvas but you can always adapt the method to paint the Ombre Heart on other materials like clothes, bags, cards, wooden plank, bottles, glass jars etc.

Ombre Heart Painting – How To Make

scroll ⬇️ to get the tutorial

ombre heart wall art

Scroll down to get the details, including the heart template download link, the materials, and tools I used and how to create this glamor ombre heart painting in just 30 minutes.

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pink gold ombre heart


Ombre Heart Painting

Skill level: Easy
Duration: About 30 mins

Materials & Tools
1. Canvas with frame of your preferred size, I used 6″ x 6″.
2. Acrylic paint (Martha Stewart), color: Metallic Yellow Gold, Metallic Gold, Pearl Pink Taffeta.
3. Heart Template in jpg format. Download and print separately.
4. Small paintbrush
5. Paint palette
6. Double-sided adhesive tape
7. Scissors

Instructions with pictures to assist in painting Ombre Heart


paint ombre heartGather the materials and tools needed for making Ombre Heart Painting.
Download and print out the heart template. The size of the heart template is approximately 4″, you may scale up or scale down your heart size during printing. Cut out the template with a pair of scissors.


ombre heartTape down the back of the heart template with double-sided adhesive tape.


heart stencilPosition and tack the heart at the center of the canvas.


gold acrylic paintDip the wood end of the paintbrush to the acrylic paint. I used a small paintbrush as my artwork is small in size. If you are painting a bigger Ombre Heart, you may use a pencil or bigger brush.


dot paintStamp the paint to the canvas, around the heart template. It is alright if your dot doesn’t look round and is not saturated with paint.


pink gold ombre heartFill up the canvas with more dots, more darker color at the bottom, lightest color at the top. You can always overlap the dots if the ombre effect is not even out.


remove stencilRemove the heart template after you have finished. Leave it aside to dry.


Place the Ombre Heart Painting on the table or cabinets, or hang it on the wall as wall art and feel the love in the air.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

ombre heart wall art


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