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Owl Pattern – Olivia

Owl Pattern – Olivia

November 29, 2016 /

owl pattern scrapbooking

The ambiance is full of joy and pride when the greeting season is just around the corner. Christmas songs can be heard from all corners and my spirit of making handmade as Christmas gifts have lifted. Therefore, I made some Christmas gift tags, greeting cards and general tag from the Olivia the owl pattern which I have designed more than a month ago. The wings of the owl are rotatable and it is damn cute when it poses in the different wing position.  It is a kid do-able craft, let the kids try to make the owl tag while you supervise them 😀

Olivia Owl – Free Pattern & Template

scroll ⬇️ to get the free pattern & tutorial

Besides using it as scrapbooking, Olivia the owl pattern is quite adaptable to make into other crafts, you may also sew it into charms with felt and leather, as appliqué for your quilt and patchwork. Looking for a bigger owl pattern project? Simply enlarge the free owl pattern templates to your desired size. The bigger owl pattern can be sewn into a soft toy and pillow. If you are amateur in purse and bag sewing, add a zipper to sew an owl pattern purse. Keep on reading and get the free owl pattern to get started.

owl scrapbooking

This is the genuine leather owl keychain charm I sew, complete with keyring and hook. It comes in 2 sizes, 2.15″ (small) and 3.25″ (large). I have sold out the first batch during a fundraising charity event for the school. Due to popular demand, I make another batch of this leather owl charm and make them available& in my online shop. Please feel free to send in your order, we ship to worldwide.

leather owl charm

Olivia Owl Pattern

Difficulty: Easy
Dimensions: Small 2.15″ x 2.15″, Large 3.25″ x 3.25″
Download templates: Small Olivia Owl, Large Olivia Owl

Materials And Tools:
1. Various card stocks
2. 5mm brad pins, 2pcs.
3. 8mm brad pins, 2 pcs.
4. Scissors
5. Pencil
6. Glue
7. Small 3D foam adhesive squares
8. Other optional accessories: various design of brad pins, rhinestones.
9. Other optional tools: various designs of punchers, various designs of stamps, stamp pad, hole puncher and ring protectors (for Christmas tag)
10. Other optional material: Felt (red and white for Santa hat), glitter foam, ribbon, twine.
11. Printer and letter or A4 size card.
12. Brushes or glue applicator
owl template small

Download pdf templates: Small Olivia Owl, Large Olivia Owl

Instructions with pictures to assist in making Olivia Owl Tag

owl-pattern-1Plan your owl colors and your card or tag designs, get ready the desired supplies.
Download and print the Olivia Owl pattern from the pdf template. Check the scale. Cut templates out from the card.


Make Owl

owl-pattern-4Trace and cut out the templates from your planned card stocks. Optional, punch holes in the “feather pieces” (Blue and Red pieces shown in the picture) with a small hole puncher, otherwise, you can stick some rhinestone or just leave it as it is.
To make the Christmas Olivia Owl, you will need to cut the Santa hat too.
If you want to let Olivia Owl sits on the tree bunch (eg, on a greeting card), trace and cut out the tree branch template too.


owl-pattern-5Glue the parts according to the patterns except for the wings.


owl-pattern-6Place the wings on the owl to get the position you want, make a small brad pinhole through the wing and the body by using the sharp tip of a pair of scissors.
Install the 5mm brad pin to attach the wings to the body.
Install the 8mm brad pin as the eyes of the owl.
Glue the Santa hat to the owl if you haven’t done so.


Make Snowflakes Tag

owl pattern 2Punch to decorate the main card stock with the snowflakes puncher.


owl pattern 3Glue the main card stock to the glitter foam. Then glue to the backing card stock.


owl pattern 7Trim away the extra foam and backing card stock. Trim the 2 corners diagonally.


owl pattern 8Punch a hole at the top center of the tag. Stick protective rings on both sides of the tag.


owl pattern 9You may decorate the back of the tag or just leave it blank.


owl pattern 10Decorate the front with stamp and rhinestone. Tie a ribbon to the ring hole.


owl pattern 11Stick some small 3D foam adhesive squares to the back of the owl and affix the owl to the tag.


owl tag

Adapt the same method but use various cardstock to come out with a different design of Owl Christmas tags.

ow christmas tags

Use the same owl pattern to design greeting cards.

owl greeting card

Or, simply use the owl alone to be the tag.

owl scrapbooking card

If you are amateur in sewing, you could sew the Olivia owl pattern into a charm by using felt, or, leather for more luxurious charm.

I have made a small quantity of Olivia owl leather charm for sale, they are now available in Craft Passion Shop. They are made from genuine upholstery leather. Manually cut and stitch, 100% handmade without a machine. These owl leather charms are great to be used as handbag charm, purse charm, luggage tag, and keychain, or, hook on a nursery mobile. Proceed to the online shop to make your purchase while stock last.

Olivia Leather Owl Charm with Keyring and Hook – Large,  Small

leather owl large

leather owl charm


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