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Cone Pot Holder Sewing Pattern

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Today’s sewing project is a common household item. Some of you may already have a pot holder or two in your home, but nothing beats handmade. It’s a practical and adorable kitchen accessory that’s perfect for any home. The next time you serve hot dishes at a dinner gathering, you can flaunt your handmade hot pads or even give away a few as a door gift. Keep reading for the free pot holder sewing pattern. 

sew cone shaped pot holder

Doesn’t this cone pot holder look like it came right off the shelves of a retail store? That’s the beauty of handmade items. With suitable materials, you can create quality goods in the comfort of your home. It’s even more special because you can personalize the potholders using different color combinations or patterns. For example, choose festive fabric patterns and make a Christmas pot holder to spice up the holiday decorations. 

You may be confused by all the names and varieties of kitchen hot pads available in the market, such as oven gloves, square pot holders, and trivets; similarly, silicone oven mitts and fabric kitchen hotpads. They all have the same function, that’s to protect your hands from scorching hot pots. The main difference is the shape, size, and material they’re made from. Though, fabric ones are generally more affordable and offer a more comfortable grip.

sew cone shaped pot holder


scroll ⬇️ for the detailed sewing pattern & tutorial

This pot holder sewing pattern is a quick and simple project that can be completed in 30 minutes with a sewing machine. Depending on how familiar you are with sewing, you could easily prepare a few hot pads for the kitchen in just one sewing session!

With a dimension of 4” (diameter) x 4” (tall), this hat pot holder is made in a triangular shape for ease of use. It sits firmly on a casserole pan without slipping off. Now, let’s learn how to make pot holders!

 If you are a beginner, we have a some tips on choosing your first sewing machine. If you plan to sew it without a sewing machine, we have covered some basic knowledge on hand sewing tips.

easy pot holder pattern


For the materials, you’ll need main fabric, lining fabric, insulated batting, normal quilt batting, and ribbon or fabric bias tape. You do not need a lot of materials to sew a pot holder, so this sewing project could serve as a stash buster that utilizes the left-over fabrics from your previous sewing projects.

Remember to pre-wash your main and lining fabric before starting the project. The insulated batting ensures that the cone pot holder is heat resistant, and the additional batting makes it thicker and safer to hold.

easy pot holder pattern

Begin by downloading and printing this easy potholder pattern and tracing the template on your fabric. Then, follow the detailed directions on making this pot holder. We’ll guide you through preparing the material, making your fabric loop, creating a smooth seam, attaching your hanging loop, aligning the fabric, sewing the edges, and more. See below for the full tutorial with picture instructions. 

Also, remember to clean your cone pot holder just like you would with your tea towels! You can either pop them in a washing machine with items of similar material or soak them in warm water with some soap. 

trivet pot holder

With this easy potholder pattern, you can prepare and store a few in your kitchen, either by your stove or oven. They make great gifts for housewarming parties or for those who enjoy baking and cooking. Sew some to spare as last minutes gifts when you are running late or out of gift ideas.

Here is the link to the matching hot pot trivet pattern. You can also sew matching oven mitts with our free quilted oven mitts sewing pattern.

What’s next:

sew cone shaped pot holder

Cone Pot Holder Sewing Pattern

Yield: Insulated Fabric Pot Holder
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Avid Beginner
Estimated Cost: $1 - $5

Sew this quick & simple pot holder sewing pattern in 30 minutes. This hat pot holder is made in a cone shape for ease of handling handles & knobs.

Dimension: 4 diameter x 4 tall inches (excluding the loop)

Enjoy sewing them!

Download and print the SEWING PATTERN for drawing the fabric separately.


  • Main Fabric, 9″ x 5″, pre-washed
  • Lining Fabric, 9″ x 5″, pre-washed
  • Insulated Batting, 9″ x 5″ (we used insul-Bright)
  • Normal quilt batting, 9″ x 5″ (optional, we used it because we want our pot holder thicker and loftier)
  • Ribbon Or Fabric Bias Tape, 4".
  • Pot Holder Sewing Pattern (seam allowance included)


  • Sewing threads, needles, pins and scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Iron
  • Pen Or Fabric Marker
  • Printer and card or paper in letter size
  • Bias Tape Maker, 3/4" (optional, we use this to make fabric loop)


    1. Get ready all the materials listed above, including a printed pot holder pattern.
      Stack the fabrics and batting in the following arrangement (from bottom to top):
      a - main fabric (facing up)
      b - lining fabric (facing down)
      c - optional quilting fabric
      d - insulated batting (shiny side down)
      Pin them together
      Place the paper template on the insulated batting and trace the outline with a pen or marker.
      how to sew pot holder
    2. If you are making your own fabric loop, cut a piece of 1 ½ x 4" fabric in biased grain. Use the bias tape maker and iron to fold ¼" of fabric from the edge lengthwise.
      Then, fold the biased tape to ¼" and sew near the edge along the lengthwise of the biased tape.
      how to sew fabric strip
    3. Come back to the pile of fabrics we have just stacked; sew the half-moon curve with a ¼" seam allowance.
      Use a pinking shear to cut along the trace lines and remove the access fabrics. If you are using normal scissors, snip a few cuts at the seam allowance, this is to ensure the seam is smooth when it is turned right-side out.
      how to sew pot holder
    4. Attach the hanging loop to the middle of the main fabric with the following steps:
      - fold the biased tape or ribbon in half.
      - align and place the loop ends on the seam allowance at the middle of the main fabric (right side), with the ends aligned to the raw edges and the fold heading inside.
      - stitch the ends on the seam allowance to secure their positions.
      - if you have a label, you may sew it on in a similar manner.
      how to sew pot holder
    5. With the batting side facing up, grab the batting layer (or layers if you included a normal batting layer as we did), and fold the layer over to the bottom of the pile.
      The lining fabric is now on the top of the pile and with the wrong side facing up.
      how to sew pot holder
    6. In the cavity between the lining and main fabric, bring the seam corners (A) together and align.
      With the right sides facing each other, align the raw edges of the lining and the pile of the main fabric with the batting, respectively.
      Sew with ¼" seam allowance along the raw edges. Leave a 2" opening at the middle of the lining side for turning right-side out.
      how to sew pot holder
    7. Turn the pot holder right side out from the opening, and adjust the tips of the cone so that they are pointing out nicely.
      Finger press to open the seam and smooth out the piles at the seam allowance, especially if you have an additional batting layer like ours.
      how to sew pot holder
    8. Sew to close the opening at the lining.
      Push the outer layer into the cone and align both tips, then make a few stitches to secure the position. This step will ensure the lining stays inside the pot holder.
      how to sew pot holder
    9. Lastly, turn the cone-shaped pot holder right side out to complete the sewing project.
      how to sew pot holder

    Sew them in various colors for different themes and designs. We also sew a matching Hot Pot Trivet (pattern and tutorial coming soon) to make them a set. With two pot holders and a trivet, they are simply a perfect gift set for friends.

    trivet pot holder


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    Lori G

    Saturday 20th of January 2024

    Thanks for the tutorial. I made two of these cone pot holders and I love them.


    Friday 12th of January 2024

    A video of this would have been better! I am still new to sewing and this is very confusing. Same with the oven mitt! I tried to make out of solid color and it doesn't look good. Videos are better for everything.

    Loretta Rosche

    Friday 22nd of December 2023

    I have made at least a dozen cone pot holder. I love making them and giving as gifts. Thank you so much for this clever and useful gift idea.

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