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Quilted Patchwork Oven Mitt

Quilted Patchwork Oven Mitt

December 7, 2012 /

christmas oven mitts
Ho ho ho, it is December, and here is the quilted Christmas oven mitt I sewed by using the basic 9-patch quilt block in my previous tutorial. Doesn’t it fill with the scent of Christmas? I smell cinnamon, berries, clove, peppermint, buttery cookies, fruit cakes, gingerbread, roasted turkey….. yum yum!!! Can you smell them too?

You may adapt the tutorial to make oven mitts to suit other festive, just go by color theme and prints, develop from the basic and you will be able to create lots of mitts to sew as gifts too. Please note that my mitten pattern could be a little smaller for you since I have a small hand, please print out the pattern, check the size, and adjust the size accordingly if necessary. Otherwise, you can trace the pattern from your favorite oven mitt. The mitten is thick, so give more allowance for the size of the pattern too.

quilted oven mitts

Just now, I was talking to a friend of mine about how my parents used to celebrate Christmas during my childhood… it sure is a piece of great memory to keep. I always wanted to give great memories for my kids to keep and I hope all my crafts will help me to achieve this mission.

Merry Christmas and happy sewing!

his hers oven mitts


Quilted Oven Mitt

For Christmas

To make: 1
Pattern: Download here, enlarge to suit your hand if require.
Remark: Seam allowance 1/4″, not included in the pattern.


1. Fabric (Christmas Prints) – 3 x Fat Eight in at least 3 colors
2. Fabric (backing/white) – Fat Quarter, 1 pc
3. Batting – thick or come with heat insulation.
4. Twill tape, 1″ width, 1 yard
5. Letter size paper

1. Sewing machine with an appropriate presser foot
2. Erasable fabric marker
3. Ruler & Roller Cutter
4. Tube turning tool
5. Scissors
6. Iron
7. Printer

Dimension: approximate 6 1/2″ (widest part) x 10″ (longest part)

oven mitt patternClick image to get the pdf pattern or you can draw your own oven mitt from your exiting mitten.
Print out the pattern and check the mitten size by putting your palm onto the pattern, enlarge pattern is necessary to suit your hand.
Cut the paper pattern and set aside.

9-patch quilt blockPiece up some 9-patch quilt block, tutorial here, and cut some fabrics same size as the 9-patch square. I am using 9 pieces of 9-patch and 10 pieces of plain squares. If your mitten is bigger, please prepare more.
a = finished width of smaller square, 1″
A = finished width of bigger square = 3a = 3″

sew patchwork oven mitt 2 51. Arrange the squares and quilt blocks into double 9-patch quilt block, taking account of the 1/4″ seam allowance.
2. Place the mitten paper pattern on top of the assembly to check if it is big enough. Otherwise, add more patches to make up the size.
3. Patch up the squares by sewing them into rows, then sew them into 1 piece by rows. Press flat with an iron.
4. Draw quilting lines on the patchwork.

sew patchwork oven mitt 6 95. Put a white backing at the bottom, followed by the batting then place the patchwork on top of them. Pin them up.
6. Stitch in the ditch between the bigger squares, then sew diagonally in both directions of the squares.
7. Cut fabric, batting and backing white fabric, rectangle shape, about 2″ bigger than the mitten’s pattern. Draw 45° angle lines with an erasable fabric marker for quilting. Sandwich the batting between the fabrics.
8. Quilt with a walking foot and a space guide of 1″ to make a square-stitch in the diagonal direction.

sew patchwork oven mitt 10Trace the oven mitt pattern onto the wrong side of the double 9-patch piece. Depending on which side you want the double 9-patch quilt to show, flip the pattern according to your preferred side.

sew patchwork oven mitt 12Sew around the pattern except for the wrist portion.
Trim away the extra fabric and leave 1/4″ seam allowance.
Make a clip on the curve at the seam allowance between the valley of thumb and fingers. This allows the curve to stretch and thus smooth out when you turn the mitt to the right side.

bind raw edgesBind the raw edges with twill tape, either hand stitch or machine sew to the seam lines.

sew patchwork oven mitt 13To make a hanging loop for the oven mitt:
1. Take a piece of stash fabric and cut it to 1 1/4″ wide and 5 1/2″ long.
2. Fold it into halve lengthwise, sew lengthwise with 1/4″ seam allowance.
3. Turn the tube right side out with the tube turning tool. Press flat along the seam line.

sew patchwork oven mitt 16Fold the tube into halve and pin it on the side of the oven mitten to become the hanging loop.

sew patchwork oven mitt 17To make the binder for the wrist, cut a piece of fabric 2 1/2″ wide and about 12″ long (at least 1/2″ longer than the mitt’s wrist). Fold into half lengthwise, iron flat.

sew patchwork oven mitt 18Pin the binder with raw edges aligned. The ends meet at the side seam of the oven mitt; the opposite side of the hanging loop so that the seam is not so bulky. Pin.

sew patchwork oven mitt 20Sew with 1/4″ allowance start from about 1 1/2″ from the binder end (black arrow) and finish off about the same length from the other binder end.
Mark the side seam position of the binder and stitch the ends up (white arrow).
Go back to the wrist and complete the sewing of the binder to the oven mitt.

sew patchwork oven mitt 22 Fold the binder over to the inside of the oven mitt, stitch the folded edge along the stitching line. You may use machine stitch but I prefer hand stitch.

sew patchwork oven mitt 23Turn the oven mitt right side out, smooth out the seam lines. The Christmas oven mitt is ready to serve some freshly baked cookies and cakes from the oven.
Hmmm… I smell cinnamon, berries, clove, peppermint, buttery cookies, fruit cakes, gingerbread, roasted turkey….. yum yum!!!


his hers oven mitts


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