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31 Unique Crochet Granny Square Patterns

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Let’s see what else you can do with crochet granny square patterns! In the previous classic granny square guide, we learned that you could quickly identify a traditional square by the large gaps between the stitches. However, there’s a lot more to these square patterns than the classic designs. You’ll love the other granny square variations if you prefer to create a square with smaller to no gaps. Moreover, it’s a fantastic stash-buster project if you want to use any leftover yarn.

crochet granny square patterns


One of the wonders of crochet is the number of items you can create with just a hook and yarn. From practical projects like blankets, curtains, cushion covers, pouches, bags, or garments to fun projects like accessories and stuffed toys (Amigurumi)… the possibilities are endless. Crochet projects may seem entirely different, but they all comprise crochet stitches that help work up your pattern. The basic stitches are easy to learn, but as you progress in your skills, you can combine two or more stitches to create beautifully textured items like an afghan

The patterns are typically written in abbreviations and punctuations, teaching you how to work each round or row. On the other hand, some designers prepare their patterns in crochet diagrams made up of symbols. These can be extremely useful for visual learners as you can see how your project will turn out. Diagrams can also help you understand patterns from creators in other countries, as crochet symbols are universal. 


Before starting any crochet granny square patterns, you’d probably want to grab your supplies. While you can crochet a square with any size crochet hook or yarn weight, the most popular hook size for beginners is size H or 5mm. Then, match it with any worsted-weight yarn (category #4), preferably in bright colors, so you can clearly see the stitches. If you’re unsure, we would recommend that you follow the type of yarn and hook size recommended in the pattern. It would also be helpful to have some stitch markers, a tapestry needle, and scissors.

crochet smiley granny square


A classic granny square takes about 15 minutes to finish, while a sunburst granny square may take up to 30 minutes. However, the bigger and more complex the project, the longer it’ll take. It also depends on how skilled you are with crochet techniques. These are just an approximation for making one crochet square. Projects that require multiple squares, like an afghan, granny square baby blanket, bag, hat, cardigan, or soft toy, often take days or weeks to complete. 


No two crochet projects are identical. This is because some people crochet lightly and others tightly. As a beginner, you may find it hard to control the tension gauge as you’re still exploring how to grip your hook. However, once you are familiar with crocheting, you should be able to standardize the tensions throughout your projects. Gauge requirements are more critical in garment-related projects than an afghan since you must ensure you have the correct size. Most patterns advise the gauge, so it’s key to try a test piece before starting a project. 

While you can refer to the suggested hook size on a yarn label, it isn’t a set rule. A smaller hook will result in a denser-looking and possibly smaller piece than expected. This is ideal for winter garments or accessories to keep you warm. Likewise, using a larger hook will get you a looser outcome. Sizing up to a size J or K for a granny square project will be quick to work up and produce a more lacy piece. 


Blocking your squares is important to help keep them in shape. It ensures that they measure up to the same size if you decide to join them in larger projects like a cardigan or blanket. You can either DIY the blocking tools with a foam mat and wooden sticks or purchase a crochet blocking board from the craft store.

crochet granny square border


Some square patterns, like coasters or dishcloths, can be created with one square motif. However, if you’re making a blanket, bag, or sweater, you’ll need to learn how to join the squares to complete the project. The joining method will affect the outcome of your finished item. For example, the invisible join combines two squares without showing any seams, and the single crochet join provides a fun texture to the project. There’s no right or wrong method; explore around to find the most suitable method for your desired outcome. See our 12 ways to join a granny square guide for more inspiration.

Apart from joining methods, there are many ways to finish your crochet granny square patterns. You may need to complete a blanket with a border, crochet a brim for a hat, add components like a button to a cardigan, or crochet a strap for a bag. Below are a few ways to finish your crochet square project. 


  • Start crocheting and share your completed handmade on Facebook and/or Instagram. Remember to tag us, @craftpassion, so that we are able to see them.
  • Pin it to Pinterest for a future To-Crochet List
  • Share with your crochet groups for a crochet-along event.
  • Browse more free crochet patterns to make.


To learn more about this unique craft, read our guide to crochet for beginners, where we share information on basic stitches, useful crochet techniques, and free crochet patterns! Now, let’s dive into this beautiful collection of gorgeous square patterns.


Pick fun projects to stay inspired on your crochet journey. The circle granny square is a modern take on a traditional granny. You’ll work on the circles, then turn them into squares. Just like other square patterns, it’s made up of primarily double crochet stitches. However, some designs call for single crochet, half double crochet, and treble crochet.


There are not one but several ways to turn a flower motif into a crochet square. Some patterns make a flat flower square, while others have a 3D effect popping out from the center. Aside from the most popular sunburst granny, there’s also the daisy square, African flower square, and other unique crochet granny square patterns.


This is an incredible beginner-level project. Some designs use double crochet stitches to work the rounds, while others use treble crochet stitches. There are also solid granny squares with open corners and those with completely no gaps. These crochet granny square patterns are great for a washcloth, potholder, or coaster project.


Since the granny square heart is not a traditional square motif, there’s no fixed way to crochet them. Check out how the crochet designers put their spin on the squares using different basic stitches.


If you’ve mastered the traditional crochet granny square patterns and want to challenge yourself, try crocheting a hexagon! The construction method of some hexagon pattern can be pretty identical to crochet square patterns. Apart from using them for classic blanket or towel projects, create exceptional stuffed animals or an African flower purse with your little hexies.


Once you learn to appreciate the art of crochet, you’ll fall in love with this craft. Below are more fabulous designs and projects you can try for your next DIY session.

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