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Husky Puppy Key Holder Sewing Pattern

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We are counting down to Chinese New Year, it is just 2 weeks from now! In conjunction with the Year of the Dog 2018, here is the second dog-themed sewing project – A Siberian Husky Puppy Key Holder.

Now you can keep your keys in the cozy key holder and protect your items from being scratched or tangled up by the keys when placing them together in the bag or purse.

puppy key holder sewing pattern

Husky Puppy Key Holder Sewing Pattern

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Siberian Husky Puppy Key Holder is a palm-sized (3.5″ x 3.5″) cute little cozy key holder, with a lobster claw clasp attached to a split ring by a cord or chain. Pull the split key ring out from the puppy key holder to get the keys, pull the clasp to draw the keys back to the pouch.  The keyring can easily hold up to 8 keys or maybe more.

In addition, there is an open pocket at the back of this puppy key holder for you to store the door access card. The key holder pattern template comes in pdf format, you may enlarge the print during printing to get a larger size if needed.

husky key pouch sewing pattern

I hope you have already started sewing the first dog-themed project of a  Boston Terrier Puppy Coin Purse, which I shared the free pattern last week. If you haven’t done so, please feel free to grab the pattern and tutorial.

Besides the Boston puppy coin purse pattern, there are 6 more coin purse patterns and key pouch patterns in this series of sewing patterns & tutorials: Jack Russell puppy, Beagle puppy, Bunny, Monkey, baby Llama, and a baby Deer, I promise that they are all overloaded with their own cuteness.

sew key holder pattern

Look who is coming over to visit Siberian Husky Puppy Key Holder.

Happy Sewing!

animal key holder sewing pattern

What’s Next

Siberian Husky Key Holder Sewing Pattern

Siberian Husky Key Holder Sewing Pattern

Yield: 3.5" x 3.5" Key Holder
Active Time: 6 hours
Total Time: 6 hours
Difficulty: Intermediate /Advance Level
Estimated Cost: $2 - $5

Siberian Husky Puppy Key Holder is a palm-sized (3.5 inches x 3.5 inches) cute little cozy key pouch with a lobster claw clasp attached to a split ring by a cord or chain. Pull the split key ring out from the key pouch to get the keys, and pull the clasp to draw the keys back to the pouch. The keyring can easily hold up to 8 keys or maybe more. In addition, there is an open pocket at the back of the key pouch for you to store the door access card. The pattern template comes in PDF format, and you may enlarge the print during printing to get a larger size if needed.

Enjoy sewing them!

Download and print separately: SEWING PATTERN.


  • Fabric, Body – Light Blue, approx 12″ x 8″ 
  • Fabric, Face – Beige, approx 3″ x 6″ 
  • Fabric, Ears – Grey, approx 3.5″ x 5″ 
  • Felt, Ears – White, approx 2″ x 1.5″
  • Felt, Eyes – Light Blue, approx 2″ x 1″
  • Batting or Felt – approx 8″ x 10″
  • Button eye 11.5 mm, black, 2; or equivalent button (as the eyes)
  • Button eye 9 mm, black, 1; or equivalent button (as the nose)
  • Dark Brown embroidery floss
  • Keyring, chain or cord, and Lobster Claw Clasp. The chain is 2″ long. The cord is about 5″ long.


  • Sewing machine, with normal presser feet. Or, you may hand sewn it
  • Sewing needle, pins, matching threads
  • Scissors
  • Water Erasable fabric marker, for light color fabric
  • Tweezers, for turning small part inside out
  • Printer, 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock paper for the template and papers


  1. Gather all supplies listed above and download the Husky Puppy Key Holder Template. Print the templates on cardstock paper and cut them out accordingly.puppy key holder
  2. Cut out the fabric and batting pieces according to the quantity stated on each of the templates. The fabrics and batting have to be at least 1/2″ bigger (1/4″ on each side) than the template in width and length respectively.
    If you are making a zipper pocket instead of an open pocket at the back of the key pouch (Refer to the Puppy Coin Purse tutorial for the zipper pocket), only 1/4″ seam allowance at the top of the back pocket is needed. Otherwise, 3/4″ is needed for an open pocket.
    Trace the outline of the template on the wrong side of the fabric accordingly.puppy key holder
  3. Sew an open pocket at the back of the puppy key pouch:
    Double-fold the top edge of the open pocket and double topstitch with 1/4″ apart. You do not need to trace the template on the pocket piece, I did it to show you that it is the back pocket.puppy key holder

    Mark the top edge of the back pocket on the right side of the back pouch body.
    Place the pocket piece onto the back pouch piece, align the top edge to the marking line.
    Make a few stitches on the seam allowance to secure the pocket in place.puppy key holder
  4. Sew key pouch back piece:
    Place batting on the table, followed by a piece of pouch body fabric with the right side facing up. Then place the pocket pouch piece on it with the right side facing down. Pin all 3 pieces together (batting and 2 pouch fabric pieces).
    Sew around and leave an opening at the side of the pouch but avoid the pocket area.puppy key holder

    Trim the seam allowance of the batting to 1/8″ or as near to the sewing line. Trim fabric seam allowance to 1/4″.
    Set aside.puppy key holder
  5. Sew the pouch front piece, ears, and face with the same method, i.e. by layering a batting or felt at the bottom of the 2 layers of fabrics which is with the right side together.
    Cut out the eye and ear pieces from the color felt fabric, no seam allowance is needed. puppy key holder

    Slit an inch of opening on one of the layers of the face-piece for turning inside out.puppy key holder
  6. Turn all pieces right side out from the opening, adjust the corners and shape of the pieces properly.
    Hand-sew to close the opening with a slip stitch or ladder stitch.
    Press with a warm iron to smooth out the creases if needed.puppy key holder
  7. Sew puppy face on the front piece:
    Mark the mouth outline on the face-piece. You may hand sketch by eyeballing the shape and position, or use carbon trace, or punch some tiny holes along the lines on the template for marking the position.
    Embroider the mouth with dark brown floss in stem stitch.
    Position and place the face-piece on the pouch that doesn’t have a pocket on it. Sew to attach the face in place with a slip stitch.
    Place the white felt earpiece onto the fabric earpiece. Sew around with sewing machines, with white upper thread and grey lower thread. Or, you may hand-stitch with blanket stitches around the edge of the white felt.puppy key holder

    Sandwich the blue circle felts in between the 11.5mm black buttons and the face, sew them as the eyes of the Husky.
    Sew a 9mm black button on the face as a nose.
    Slip stitch the earpieces to the pouch according to the markings as well.puppy key holder
  8. Sew to join front and back pieces:
    Place both front and back pouch pieces together with inside together. Sew them together with a slip stitch, from marking to marking on both left and right sides to complete the Puppy Husky pouch.puppy key holder
  9. Add a key chain to the Husky pouch to complete the key pouch. Insert the chain or cord through the top opening of the pouch, slip the keyring through the chain or cord to make up the keychain.
    The chain I showed here is about 1.5″ long, but later I found that 2″ long will be easier to put your keys into the keyring.puppy key holder

Add your keys into the keyring to make the Husky Key Pouch practical and functional.

Pull the cord or chain up to hide the keys inside the key pouch. Now your keys are kept inside the cozy Siberian Husky Key Holder that everyone will admire.

puppy key holder


Seam Allowance: 1/4″ on fabrics only, 3/4″ for the top edge of an open pocket, 1/8″ for batting. Sew before trimming to the desired seam allowance.

I used Japanese Yarn Dyed fabric to sew this Puppy key pouch.

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Friday 9th of February 2018

Another great one, thank you, thank you, so kind of you to share your patterns. Hugs, from South Brazil

Sandra :)

Tuesday 6th of February 2018

Thank you for these adorable patterns!

Rosemary B

Monday 5th of February 2018

Thank you for the adorable pattern. I will try to make this one. Your projects are very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your creativity


Saturday 3rd of February 2018

Thank you for another darling pattern. Your generosity is much appreciated.

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