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Easy Ribbon Button Headband

Easy Ribbon Button Headband

April 30, 2011 /

Ribbon Button Headband
Thinking of Japan, I made this… red & white Ribbon Button Headband. Another easy project that kids can get involve, just have to be careful if your kids are too small to handle the hot glue gun. If kids younger than 10 year-old wants to do this craft independently without an adult’s supervising or help, use tacky glue or UHU instead but this will take longer for the glue to dry and set.

ric rac headband

You can easily change the color theme of the ribbon button headband to suit your design or occasion. How about replace or add blue buttons for the upcoming USA Independence day? Pink for younger girls? Green for St. Patrick’s Day? Orange & black for Halloween? and the list goes on…. 😉

Besides the ribbon & button, I made another 2 with mini ric rac and lace respectively. Click the next button on the photo album above for the pictures (3 & 4).

make easy lace headband


Ribbon Button Headband

1. 3/16″ (or 5mm) headband, white
2. 3/16″ ribbon -1′, red
3. 1/2″ ribbon – 4″, red
4. 1/2″ 4-hole button – 3 white, 3 red
1. Hot glue gun (switch on about 15 minutes before your project starts)
2. Scissors
3. Marker


Make ribbon headband MaterialPrepare the above materials (add or change color to your own taste) & tools.


Marking on headbandMark lightly the point that you want the ribbon to end. Mark the same on the other side and make sure they are at the same level.
I did mine at 3″ from the bottom.


Line ribbon on headbandCheck if your hot glue gun is ready by inserting the glue tube into it, press the trigger a few times until a smooth flow of glue gets out from the tip. If you find that it is difficult to press the trigger or the glue appear to be sticky, wait a few more minutes for the gun to get hotter.
Dip a few drops of glue on the top of the headband, quickly attach the ribbon onto it, press until it sticks well.
Do a few drops at a time since the glue gets harden pretty fast.


Hide raw edgeCut a short length to bind the end and glue it up.


Make ribbon bowFold both ends of the 4″ long 1/2″ red ribbon to the center to make a 2″ ribbon bow.
Dip a drop of glue at the center, press to glue them.


Attach ribbon bow on headbandAttached the ribbon bow onto the headband, off-center or about 1 1/2″ from the center of the headband.


Attach button on ribbon bowGlue 2 buttons on the ribbon bow, with white at the bottom.


Decorate headband with ribbon and buttonFinished off with another 4 buttons on the side of the headband.
The Ribbon Button Headband is ready to freshen up your kid’s hairstyle.


Try this tutorial with ruffled lace, add ribbon, button and sequin strip for more layers of decoration.

make easy lace headband

Or make this simple headband with mini ric-rac.

simple ric rac headband


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