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/Basic How-To/African Flower Granny Motifs Crochet Pattern

African Flower Granny Motifs Crochet Pattern

April 25, 2011 /
african flower granny

[Update April 13, 2012: I made an African Flower Crochet Purse out of this African Flower Granny motifs, the pattern & tutorial is here.]

[Update August 11, 2011: Thanks to Mia again for providing more information to answer some questions at the comment section. Please find the information on the type of yarn, hook size and the resulting flower size at the pattern section.]

This is the first time I come across African Flower Granny motifs… well, accurately speaking, this is the first time I know that this crochet block is “African Flower”. Just like Granny Square, this flower granny is a crochet motif but in hexagonal shape, it can be joined next to each other to become a bigger piece and make into a blanket, afghan, shawl, bag, table runner, cushion cover, soccer ball toy, coaster, pincushion, dress, etc… you name it!

African Flower Crochet Pattern

scroll ⬇️ to get the crochet pattern & tutorial

Why does it call African Flower Granny and not something related to its shape, for example, Hexes, Hexagon Flower, etc… According to some findings from the net, some said a lady saw this pattern from a South African community, so she gave it the name “Africa Flower”. However, some saw it in the ’70s and it is called Paperweight Granny, much earlier than the version of the South African.

Well… be it African Flower Granny or Paperweight Granny, crochet your project with these beautiful hexagons and call it Flower Granny 😉 I am putting this into my to-do list.

crochet african flower pattern

Thanks to Mia, who shared her Flower Granny crochet at Pinterest – one of my favorite stop-overs when I needed inspiration. I love the colors Mia used, as sweet as a pretty girl! Glad that Mia allowed me to share her photos and pattern here at Craft Passion. [Note: I modified Mia’s original pattern to the way I used to write, but the workings are the same.]

Crochet African Flower Join

Need more inspiration of what to make with these African Motifs? Click here.

Happy Crochet!

African Flower Crochet Pattern

African Flower Crochet Pattern

Yield: African Flower Motifs
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Cost: $1 - $2

Thanks to Mia, who shared her African Flower Granny crochet on Pinterest – one of my favorite stop-overs when I needed inspiration. I love the colors Mia used, as sweet as a pretty girl! Glad that Mia allowed me to share her photos and pattern here at Craft Passion. [Note: I modified Mia’s original pattern to the way I used to write, but the workings are the same.]

Each flower has a diameter of 7cm [2 3/4″] (excluding the white border) if using the yarn stated below.


  • Yarn, acrylic baby yarn, various colors. (Mia used Tilda, Svarta Faret brand.)


  • Crochet hook, 3mm



sl knot = slip knot
st = stitch
ss = slip stitch (to fasten)
ch = chain
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
fo = fasten off
Rnd = round

African Flower Crochet Pattern

  1. Base Round – sl knot, ch 6, ss into the first ch to make a ring.
  2. Rnd 1 – ch 3, 1 dc, ch1, *2 dc, ch1, * repeat until you have six spaces and six 2dc. ss to the 3rd chain of the beginning round. fo
  3. Rnd 2 – Change color: Start in a space. ch 5, 2 dc in same space, *ch1, 2 dc, ch2, 2 dc in next space – repeat * 5 times, 1 dc and ss into the 3rd ch of the beginning round.
  4. Rnd 3 – ch3, dc6 in the 2-ch space, ch1, * dc7 in next 2-ch space, ch1, repeat * 5 times. ss the 3rd ch of the beginning round. fo.
  5. Rnd 4 – New color: ch1, sc around and make a long stitch down in round 2 between each flower petal. End with ss. fo.
  6. Rnd 5 – White: ch3, 3 dc, ch1, *dc 1 in the same st as last dc, dc 3, ch1 (skip long stitch of the previous round), 4 dc, ch1, repeat 5 times, dc 1 in the same st as last dc, dc 3 ch1, ss to the 3rd ch from the beginning round. [Note: ch1 in bold should be at the center of the flower petal, this is the corner of the hexagon]
  7. To join to the adjacent African Flower hexagon block, insert the hook to the matching ch stitch of another hexagon and do an ss instead of ch.

crochet african flower pattern

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Doris Winebrenner

Sunday 24th of March 2019

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for the AFRICAN FLOWER GRANNY PATTERN ! I really Appreciate getting these Patterns . Please KEEP-UP the Beautiful work !!!!!!! Again THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Craft Passion

Monday 25th of March 2019

Thank you Doris, we really should thank Mia for her lovely guest post about this pattern. I love it too!


Tuesday 26th of April 2016



Tuesday 28th of July 2015

Hi, what is a long stitch x

Craft Passion

Tuesday 28th of July 2015

Hi Jacquie, long stitch is a long sc stitch that sometimes is referred to as spike stitch. It is like normal single crochet but work 1 row below the normal row you are working on. Hence, in the pattern, the crochet hook of the long stitch on 4th round is going to insert into the stitch of round 2. Hope this explanation helps you to understand. If you still have doubt, you can always search youtube for video on how to make this stitch.


Tuesday 26th of May 2015

Hi! Thank you for sharing the pattern! I have used it for a baby blanket. You can see it here:


Wednesday 19th of September 2018

How did you make the border for the baby blanket?

Craft Passion

Wednesday 27th of May 2015

It is nice and colorful!!! Thanks for showing, Cristina!

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