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Santa’s Belt Gift Wrap

Santa’s Belt Gift Wrap

December 14, 2013 /

santa belt wrapping
While I was wrapping the Christmas gifts, Santa came to me and he whispered to me to wrap his belt on the presents… My kids believed me when I told them this… LOL, bad mommy!!!

Well, it really wasn’t in my initial plan, I just whipped it out impromptu and make this Santa Belt Gift Wrap when the idea struck me. To give a more festive touch, I added a few aluminum foil snowflakes to make it glow in the low light ambient.

In order to reduce the needs of buying several different gift wrapping papers, this year I am wrapping my gifts with only 1 roll of Ikea wrapping paper. Since it is only a plain double-sided 2-color (red/brown) wrapping paper, I need to put more effort into the wrapping design to personalize each gift.

I have made a few wrapping designs and among them, I would like to show you how to make the Santa’s Belt Gift Wrap. You may adapt the Santa’s Belt method to wrap the others, just take off the buckle and add another layer of contrast band across.

Again, use any festive season paper punch to punch out some embellishments to decorate. Add some ribbons elements to the gift wrap will further personalize the look.

Happy gift wrappings!!!

christmas gift wrapping

Santa Belt Gift Wrap

Materials & Tools:
1. Gift wrapping paper (I used this, a double-sided in red/brown color)
2. Silver color paper
3. Snowflake punchir?t=crafpass 20&l=ur2&o=1 (mine is about 1″ diameter)
4. Aluminum Foil
5. Craft glue
6. Craft knife
7. Cutting mat
8. Wrapping ribbons (optional, I used this for the other wrappings)



santa-belt-gift-wrapper-1Measure your gift box and cut out the desired size of gift wrapping paper.
To make the belt, cut a 2″ stripe of red and fold the 2 sides to the center to get a 1″ stripe.
To make the buckle, cut a silver color paper to 2″ x 1 5/8″. Use a craft knife to slit 2 lines, slightly larger than 1″, measure 5/16″ from the sides.
Remark: My box is about 4″ x 6″, if your gift box is a different size, adjust the belt and buckle measure to suit the proportion so that the belt won’t look too big or too small to the gift box.


santa-belt-gift-wrapper-2Insert the belt between the 2 lines of the buckle, position the buckle at the center of the belt, glue or tape on the back.


santa-belt-gift-wrapper-3Place the Santa’s belt somewhere below the centerline.


santa-belt-gift-wrapper-4Wrap the gift paper to the gift box. Tape or glue the paper at the back.


santa-belt-gift-wrapper-5Fold the sides and glue them up.


santa-belt-gift-wrapper-6If you wish to give the gift more DIY touch, you may punch some snowflakes from aluminum foil. You can use paper for the snowflakes too but I find the aluminum give a very good sheen at low light ambient, the glow is even better than the silver color buckle from paper. Punching through aluminum foil also helps in sharpening your paper puncher.
If you find that the aluminum foil is hard to take out without ripping apart, try folding the aluminum foil into 2-3 folds.


santa-belt-gift-wrapper-7Carefully glue the snowflakes to the gift wrapping. The aluminum foil snowflakes are flimsy so you need to do it carefully without tearing the branches apart.
**Happy Gift Wrappings!!**


christmas gift wrapping


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