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Santa Wreath & Noel Letters

Santa Wreath & Noel Letters

December 21, 2014 /


Ho Ho Ho!!!! It is 4 days to Christmas day and my kids are singing “Santa Claus is coming to town” to count down while I make a last minutes Christmas decoration, a Santa Wreath and painted paper mache letters to make up a word “NOEL”.

The wreath and letter combo is a great piece of Christmas decor, be it hangs on the wall or just sit on the fireplace mantel. Love it!!!

Santa Wreath and Noel Letters are a quick and easy craft to make, you probably need around 30 minutes to prepare, excluding the overnight drying time for the paint.

I have these materials off-hand in my craft room, I used a normal store-bought Santa hat which I bought last year, so creating this Santa wreath Noel Christmas decor are super fast for me. I love how the Santa wreath has blended nicely into the word of NOEL.

I have tried to place them in various places in my house and I love all the options. Hop over to the tutorial page to read how to make this Santa Wreath & Noel Letters.


Santa Wreath & Noel Letters

Difficulty: Easy
Time needed: 30 minutes (exclude drying time for paint)

Materials & Tools:
Santa Wreath:
1. Styrofoam ring, 10″
2. Fancy fur yarn
3. Santa Claus hat
4. Double-sided adhesive tape
5. Quick dry adhesive glue

Noel Letters:
1. Paper mache or chipboard letters of N, E & L
2. Paints
a. Metallic acrylic paint, Gold color, Martha Stewart
b. Spray textured paint, Make it Stone White Onyx, Krylon
c. Spray Paint, Chrome Aluminum, Krylon


1 fancy yarn wrap wreathGet ready the Santa wreath material as listed above.


2 fancy yarn wrap wreathTape slightly more than half of the styrofoam ring’s height with double side adhesive tape. I taped it around the outer side of the ring and around the tube in a few inches interval.


3 fancy yarn wrap wreathPeel off the adhesive tape cover layer section by section, wrap the fancy fur yarn around the tube of the styrofoam ring.
Wrap the yarn as near as possible and avoid gluing up the fur, this is to give fuller fur look of the Santa’s beard


4 santa beard wreathThis is how it looks after finished wrapping a ball fancy fur yarn.


5 santa hat wreathGet ready the Santa’s hat, embellish it with mini decoration if you want.


easy-santa-wreathApply some glue to the ring and adhere the hat, leave it to dry completely.
Santa’s wreath is done.


7-noel-letterPaint and spray the paper mache or chipboard letters with 2 coat of paint, leave them dry overnight until they are safe to touch.
You can do this painting before wrapping the wreath to safe up the waiting time for the paint to dry.


8-noel-wreathBoth Santa wreath and N, E, L letters are ready to make up the word NOEL.
Hang them on the wall or sit them on the fireplace mantel. Happy decoration!!!
Merry Christmas!!!


quick santa wreath



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