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Unisex Boxer Shorts

Unisex Boxer Shorts

boxer shorts pattern

Be it a pair of boxer shorts or a pair of sports shorts… it is a perfect gift to celebrate father’s day for this summer!

I made this for my hubby. It is from a pattern I copied from his old favorite sports shorts with some modifications on the front pockets. The cutting is perfect, and comfortable to wear too. So, I duplicate it to make another pair for him… maybe more in the future. I might even make some for myself with my favorite fabric prints!

sew pattern boxer shorts

I should have put this up earlier, but I was stuck with the paper pattern!!! It is kind of out of my expectation that the time I spent to get the pattern done in actual printable size… I am glad I made it so that I can share this pattern with you.

The size is for the maximum hip size of 40″, if you need more, just enlarge it.

boxer shorts sewing pattern

Sew Unisex Boxer Shorts

Download boxer shorts pdf pattern

1. A4 size paper – 12 sheets
2. 1 yard of cotton fabric or non stretchy fabric
3. Lining for the waist band, 6″ x 48″ (warp) or you can use the main fabric if you have enough.
4. 1/2 yard 1″ wide elastic band
5. Coordinating threads
6. Sewing essential

Other Supplies:
1. A Printer that is able to print A4 size paper, black ink
2. Acrobat reader (to open the pdf document)
3. Sewing machine

Remark: The size is for maximum hip size of 40″, if you need more, just enlarge it.


Boxer Short Pattern Full PagePrint the 12 pages actual size boxer short pdf pattern. Remember to set your printer setting for A4 size paper and uncheck the scale printing box, otherwise, the size won’t be right. Piecing them together according to the numbers stated at the corners. Cut all the patterns out.
[Click the photo for a bigger view.]


Cut MaterialCut fabrics according to the patterns and follow the direction of the fabric.
1. Remember to cut in reverse order for those needed 2.
2. Fold the lining to become double layer and pin the waistband lining pattern with “fold” marking aligned at the folded edge.
3. Seam allowance is included in the pattern.
4. Mark sewing lines on the wrong side and pocket’s placement on the right side.


pin back pocketPress edges in for the back and the front pockets. Double topstitch the hem of the pocket opening.
Pin them in place. Double topstitch the other 3 sides to the boxer shorts.
Repeat the same to the 2 front pockets.


back pocketAfter attaching the back pocket to the shorts. Same as the 2 front pockets.


seam cutPin back portions with right side facing each other, sew the crotch with flat felled seam method. Trim one side of the seam to about 3/8″ and clip curve at the bottom crotch before sewing the flat felled seam.


Front PocketSew inseam and serge or overlock the raw edge.
Sew sides by using a flat felled seam method too.
The photo shows a close-up of the front pocket and the side of the boxer short. Left is the front pocket and right is the back of the shorts.


end hemPress bottom hem and double topstitch around the hem.


Boxer ShortsSew the waistband lining to the waist, with right side facing each other. The lining’s joint should be aligned with the center of the back waist.
Use your favorite method to sew the elastic band. Otherwise, follow the following method.
Turn and press.
Measure the elastic band with the wearer’s waist, minus 3″ (as you sew, the elastic band will elongate a little). Cut and zigzag stitch the raw ends by overlapping each other at about 1/2″.


Boxer ShortsFold the elastic band into the lining, pin the band to the center of the back waist, fold the band to half, and pin it to the center of the front waist. Equally divide the band into another few points and pin them to the respective portions of the waist, do about 8-10 parts.
With wrong side facing, fold the lining edge into the band and sew while stretching the band to the same length of that part. Sew around.
With right side facing, stretch and topstitch another 2 rows with 1/4″ from the top and bottom edges.


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