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How To Sew Sock Cat Stuffed Animal

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Let’s get some extra-ordinary experience in sewing with sock by making a sock cat stuffed animal. To create a plushie of a kitten, you will only need one sock. Excellent sewing pattern for the solitary sock that couldn’t find its pair.

how to sew cat stuffed animal with sock

Let’s see how to sew this cute little cat stuffed animal, called Lenny.

Guest Tutor: Brenda of KrafteeBee

How To Sew Sock Cat Stuffed Animal

Materials for sewing sock cat

Items needed
1. Socks
2. Scissors
3. Polyfill
4. Thread and needle
5. Buttons and yarn for deco

how to sew  sock cat

Steps of instructions:
Step 1: First you will need to cut up the sock to the length that you like.  I cut the sock shorter for a short and stout cat.

how to sew  sock cat

Step 2: Stuff the body and the head of cat with polyfill. To ensure that the ball of polyfill for the body is bigger than the head.

how to sew  sock cat

Step 3: Once stuffed, fold the opening inward and pin them down for a smoother and tougher finishing. The raw edge of the cut frays easily.

how to sew  sock cat

Step 4: With slip stitch, close up the opening and remember to tug the ends a little bit to shape the cat’s ears.

how to sew  sock cat

Step 5: Mold the body and head into a nice round shape with hands. Do tug the ears too to make it pointy.

how to sew  sock cat

Step 6: To do stitches on the cat’s face, slip the thread in via the opening end. This way, you can hide the stitches nicely.

how to sew  sock cat

Step 7: Draw the sock cat’s face using a fabric pen and then start stitching.

how to sew cat stuffed animal

Step 8: Spray some water to erase all the fabric markers and let it dry overnight. Lenny is completed.


As you can see, making sock plushies is not very difficult. Just some imagination and needlework and I hope that you like this.


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Wednesday 20th of July 2016


Can you give me any ideas how to stich the face of the kitty? If I do it at the end as in the instructions, the knot will be outside. :(

Craft Passion

Saturday 23rd of July 2016

Panni, tie a knot after you have finish the stitching, insert your needle back to the body at where your knot is, pull the needle so that the thread and the knot get into the body.

Becky Jorgensen

Friday 7th of August 2015

This little kitty is so cute and adorable! I love the tutorial..I especially love the color and its eyes! Super cute! I featured this in my blog: Thanks for sharing!

Colorful Canary

Thursday 5th of March 2015

Thanks for the great sock kitty tutorial, I featured it on my blog! :)


Sunday 1st of February 2015

I spent hours on it and it still looks so horrible. I guess it takes talent to make one. >:(