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    • Craft Passion -

      Hi Cucicucioo, the cotton will help to maintain the shape of the pillow but the main reason is to prevent the poly-stuffing from coming out especially if you are sewing it for little baby.

  1. trish -

    hi, i know this has been asked and answered but i’m still kinda lost about how you did the nose? i’m so sorry if i’m being annoying or smth… but this is my first time doing this project. hope you could help me. when you stitch around the nose then gathered it, it will be like pouch right??? ^^ THANK YOU.

  2. PJ -

    hey there! I loooove these!! they’re really cute! when i clicked on the print-out link, the adobe reader popped up. but how do I enlarge the picture? would mean a lot if u’d tell me! thank you!!

    • Craft Passion -

      Some printers do come with enlarge printing to a certain size, for example, it will expand the document 4 times larger and split it into 4 papers printing. If yours don not have this option, perhaps you will need to print it out as normal size then enlarge it by using photocopier.

  3. Dorothy Wenckowski -

    Hi Joanne,
    With your permission I would like to make, and donate, some of your piggy pillows for our local children’s hospital, I know the sick babies would love to cuddle up to something so colorful and soft.
    many regards

  4. Sara -

    This is such a great one that i started making it straight away. its really cute so far but i have a quick question, or better said request, could you please elaborate on how you made the nose? i can’t quite understand what you did. thanks in advance.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Craft Passion -

      Hi Sara, for the nose, just run the stitches around, pull to gather, stuff with poly-fill, pull again and tie. Position the nose onto the face and slip stitch it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Deborah -

    SO cute. Would love to see cute piggies with wings, a la “flying pigs” — perhaps next time…?

  6. Doris -

    Hola: Precioso el almohadon Muchas gracias por el tutorial excelente paso a paso
    lo entendi todo perfectamente.

    Translation (by Google):
    Hello Beautiful the cushion Many thanks for the excellent step by step tutorial
    I understood everything perfectly.



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