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How To Replicate A Plush Toy

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I can’t help it, I replicated this cute tiger – I am a copy cat, omg!!! Read how I Replicate Plush Toy and adapt the method to make yours.

how to replicate plush toy

The origin of this tiger is a “limited edition” stuffed-toy mascot of a 100% Malaysian made Chinese New Year movie, “大日子- Woohoo!” (Big Day – Woohoo!). Tiger is this year’s animal in Chinese astrology, they came in a set of 5 with different colors represented: Opulence, Abundance, Harmony, Auspicious, Peaceful.

I bought the last set from “Eu Yan Sang” (EYS), Asia’s leading healthcare company specializes in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The set was sold at only RM68 (approx. US$21) and with every set sold, EYS will donate RM10 to the Spastic Children’s Association. I would buy more to give them away as a Chinese New Year gift, such a meaningful gift to my loved ones while contributing to a good cause, win-win, why not?

copycat pattern

I showed this 5 little cute tigers to my nieces and nephews, they want them too but my kids wouldn’t let them go. Aren’t they too cute for not owning 1? Perhaps EYS should reproduce them again for the charity cause. At the meantime, I have no choice but to replicate it and make a few for my sibling’s kids.

What about the movie? It is beyond my expectation…. it is superb, the 1st 100% locally made Chinese New Year Movie, from the storyboard, to casts, to film director, all Malaysians!!! Speaking of the casts, you’d be surprised….. they are Radio DJ’s (My FM), TV hosts (Astro) & singers, and many of them are the first time in movie acting.  To date, they have broken 3.5 million box office since premiered on Jan 14. Bravo! “Malaysia Boleh”! (Malaysia Can).

This tutorial is meant to show you how to replicate a stuffed/plush toy for the exceptional case, eg. replacement of your favorite plush toys which is no longer in production. No way to copy a plush toy that you can still get it from the shop, it is cheaper to buy than to make. No pattern will be given for this tiger as it might be copyrighted by EYS or the movie production company.

how to copy plushie pattern

How To Replicate A Plush Toy

replicate stuffed animal

The materials you need to duplicate a plush toy:
1. The plush/soft/stuffed toy you want to replicate.
2. White cotton or muslin fabric.
3. Pencil and fabric marker
4. Tracing paper
5. Pins
6. Poly-fill for stuffing
7. Fabric glue
8. Sewing essentials
As shown in the photo, I detached one of the ears of the tiger so that it is more accurate and easy to trace the pattern.

replicate stuffed animal

Wrap the plush toy as flat as possible with white fabric and secure it with pins.
Pin at the seam lines.

replicate stuffed animal

Trace an outline along the seam line. Cutaway extra fabric by leaving about 1/4″ – 1/2″ seam allowance.

Replicate Plush Toy

How it looks from the front view. Poor tiger with only 1 ear left… don’t worry, I am going to put it back for you after I finished the tracing, yay…

replicate stuffed animal

Do the same for the bottom and other pieces if you have more than 2 parts.

replicate stuffed animal

Trace the pattern onto the tracing paper for the record.

replicate stuffed animal

Mocking up. Pin the traced pattern to another fabric and start sewing according to the original.  Join the bottom piece as well.

Tiger Plush WIP8

Leave a gap of about 2 – 2 1/2 ” (A to A) for turning inside out.

replicate stuffed animal

Turn the fabric inside out and stuff it with poly-fill. Sew the opening with the whip stitch.

replicate stuffed animal

Compare to the original and made any necessary alteration to achieve the closest possible to the original shape. You might want to use a measuring tape to measure some various points and check the dimensions or just merely from your judgment. Remember to update it on your paper pattern as you go.

replicate stuffed animal

Trace the ears and mock it up as well.

Replicate Plush Toy

Same to the eyes and all other decorative bits on it.

Replicate Plush Toy

Put on the ears and eyes and compare to the original. Make alterations if needed.

Replicate Plush Toy

Satisfy with the mock-up? Then, let’s make the real replica!!!
I used silk for the back of the tiger since it is a Chinese New Year Tiger.


Tada!!! What do you think about the replica tiger I made? The one on the left! Woohoo!!!… I am a MARVELOUS Copy Cat!!! Now, I am going to make a few more for my little nieces and nephews.

how to imitate sewing pattern

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Sunday 9th of January 2022

Hi Joanne; I really enjoy your news letters and great patterns. Can you provide more info in your next news letter about the movie. I would enjoy watching the movie. Thank you julie

Craft Passion

Wednesday 12th of January 2022

I wish to share the movie but it has been 12 years ago. It is a local production from Astro, perhaps you can google search the video with keyword "Astro WooHoo" to view the unofficial video in Youtube.


Friday 9th of April 2021

I am looking for a pattern for a 3'+ plush tiger. Can you help me?


Saturday 7th of June 2014

Thank you so much! I was about to break in pieces my plushie to copy the pattern but now he can stay alive!!! Thank you so much!

Craft Passion

Monday 9th of June 2014

Thank goodness that I've saved your plushie!!! :)


Saturday 3rd of May 2014

Thank you for posting this tutorial!

It is extremely helpful. I've been wanting to adapt a plush with a certain shape for a pattern. I did not want to tear apart the plush to get the pattern! This is perfect.

Any advice on copying legs or arms?

Craft Passion

Saturday 3rd of May 2014

You may use the same technique and some guesstimates to copy it :)


Thursday 10th of April 2014

Hello, I hoped u could help me. I have a plushie I got from somebody and I wanted to make a copy of it. It is because the do not sell it annymore. But i have no idea if it this tutorial will work for it. To be honest i never made a plushie before. I hope u could help me. I have photo's of the plushie(on dropbox or i can post them online). If u would like to help me i can show them to u. Thank you.

Craft Passion

Friday 11th of April 2014

Hi Rosanne, most soft toys can be replicated in this way but just to make if yours can be done, please send a photo via the contact form. I will take a look and hopefully I could give some advice too.