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Ruffles Flower Corsage HeadBand

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Discover how to make a Ruffles Flower Corsage HeadBand. This Ruffles Flower can be removed from the headband and worn as a brooch on its own.

Ruffles Flower Corsage HeadBand

It is May, the month for the mother’s day celebration… I am not going to do anything for myself, instead, I am making some pretty things for the 2 most important persons in my life who call me “Mummy”, who live my life to the fullest ever.

how to make fabric flower corsage

The first project for this month is the 3 layers Ruffles Flower Corsage HeadBand for my daughter. I made them from a leftover interlock jersey 3/4″ strips from the Welcome home rag rug. Just love the pink and blue, can’t stop me from not making a darling headband out of them for my lovely daughter.

flower corsage

This Ruffles Flower Corsage HeadBand can be detached from the headband and use as a brooch individually. It can be a hand corsage too if wearing it on the wrist. The headband can be put on without the flower for a simpler style.

Basically, you can substitute the materials I used with others to create your own style of Ruffles Flower Corsage HeadBand.

Ruffles Flower Corsage HeadBand

3 Layers Ruffles Flower / Corsage Brooch
1. 3/4″ Pink jersey strips, 1.5′ length
2. 3/4″ Blue jersey strips, 2′ length
3. 2″ Lace, 1′ length
4. 1.5″ Wooden button
5. Brooch pin
6. 1″ dia. of round felt

Elastic Lace Headband
1. 1″ lace, 2′ length
2. Elastic thread
3. Tapestry needle

Ruffles Flower Corsage HeadBand

Prepare the above materials for ruffles flower. You may replace the jersey strips with ribbons.

Raffles Flower Corsage Headband

Set your sewing machine to the biggest stitch spacing, sew a straight line of 1/4″ from the edge along the strip.
If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can tack stitch with 1/8″ spacing.
Pull either the top or the bottom thread slowly to create gathers until you get the pink strip to 4″ length and blue to 7″. Tie the thread so that it is fixed to the length you want. Spread the gathers evenly.
Pull the thread of the lace until it gathers all the way to its maximum. Tie the thread.
Sew both ends for each strip together respectively to make 3 circles of ruffles as shown.

Raffles Flower Corsage Headband

Place the blue ruffles on top of the ruffles lace. Pin it to secure.
Hand-sew the blue ruffles to the lace.
Place the pink ruffles on top of them, pin to secure, and sew it on.
Sew the wooden button at the center.

Raffles Flower Corsage Headband

Sew the brooch to the round felt. Sew the felt with a brooch pin onto the reverse of the corsage.

Raffles Flower Corsage Headband

This is how the 3 layers ruffle flower brooch or corsage looks.

Ruffles Flower Corsage HeadBand

Prepare the above materials for the elastic lace headband.

Ruffles Flower Corsage HeadBand

Sew both ends together.
Weave a few rows of elastic thread along with the spaces within the lace. Gather the headband to about 1′ length in a circular.
Tie the elastic thread ends and hide in the lace.


Attach the corsage to the headband by pinning it on to make a Ruffles Flower Corsage HeadBand.

Raffles Flower Corsage Headband

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Wednesday 25th of June 2014

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about fabric. Regards

Madeline Baguilat

Wednesday 1st of August 2012

Oh! I love it...thanks for the tut.gonna make one for me and my baby :)


Thursday 18th of August 2011

This is absolutely gorgeous! I love it! <3!


Saturday 14th of May 2011

Hi, can you please mention 2' length means how many inches or cms


Craft Passion

Saturday 14th of May 2011

2' means 2 feet, 24 inches, about 60cm.

Wanha Cunha e Silva

Saturday 5th of March 2011

Gostei de mais e espetacular, muita criatividade parabéns...

Translation (by Google): I enjoyed the most spectacular, very creative ... congratulations