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Locker Hook Pattern: Welcome Home Rug

Locker Hook Pattern: Welcome Home Rug

March 1, 2010 /

locker hook rug
Told you that I haven’t got enough with locker hooking, I just made a locker hook rug. This craft is really hooking me up. If you haven’t known how to do this, I have the tutorials for it, from basic preparation, how to locker hock, and finishing touch. Hover over to the tutorials now and get started with this fantastic craft.


This Welcome Home locker hook Rug / floor mat measures 78cm x 52cm (30 11/16”  x 20 1/2“).

As for the material for this locker hook rug, I used 4 solid colors of poly jersey interlock, dark brown (1 meter), turquoise (2 meters), olive green (1/2 meter), and baby pink (1/2 meter), cut them into 2cm wide strips. I especially love jersey interlock because both sides of the fabric are identical, and it frays very little. Thus, it will give a fresher color and neater look to the project.

Let’s get ready for this project…..

“Welcome Home”

Locker Hook Rug 

Welcome Rug Pattern

Download the free pattern for the Welcome Hone locker hook rug by clicking the above photo.

Follow the tutorial of the Basic Preparation to gather all the materials you need, prepare the edge of the hooking rug canvas, cut the fabrics into 2 cm wide strips.

Begin to locker hook the locker hook rug pattern onto the canvas, don’t forget to pre-draw the pattern onto the canvas for easy reference. Upon sewing, the border, locker-hook the brown border in a circular. The internal pattern (turquoise background, the words, the foot, and paws prints) is in a horizontal direction.

Hide all the ends and sew a backing to cover the back of the work. If you are not sure how to do this, you can go here for the tutorial.

Hope you like this locker hook rug. Drop me questions if you have some!

Happy crafting!!!



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