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The Spiky Hedgehog Purse

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Hedgehog coin purse

[Update: I have sewed another version of Hedgehog Coin Purse and shared the pattern and tutorial, HERE.]

[Update Jan 2016: Just found out that Lollychops website is no longer valid. I have to remove all her links below. I am so sorry and you came here but can’t find the template which I used to link her website.]

I really am in “spiky” fever these few days after making the Triangle Fold Coaster. I transformed those “spikes” into 2 hedgehog purse s, which I have named Bluno and Reddy. They measure only about 10cm x 9cm. Bluno is a male hedgehog and Reddy is a female. They met each other in the park on one sunny morning, and this is how their story begins….. click “Next” below the photo to view the full storyboard of their meet-up.

hedgehog gamaguchi purse

Photographing them was not an easy task as compared with my previous crafts. I normally take indoor photos but this time it’s different. I need to pray for a bright day, cloudy is still acceptable but not rain. Then I have to lie down on the grass of my garden to snap some nice photos of the hedgehog purse from low level angle. After taking 50 shots or so, my knees, elbows and body were all stained by grass and dirt 🙄 . Well, at least I can shower and wash off the dirt, but the worst part is that my neck and shoulders were achy from all the  postures I am not usually in, in order to snap them from the ground. Could this be because I did not warm up enough or is it my age 😕 ? I salute those wildlife photographers who spend so much time and patience taking those jaw-dropping snapshots and video 🙂 that we watch in National Geography.


I downloaded the hedgehog pattern from LollyChops (I am a big fan of Lolly) a few months ago and kept it in my craft “library” since I know that it will inspire me to come up with something that is my own… My granny’s rug rag gave me the inspiration for this design way before I published the rug rag post in my blog. I took out the pattern and started to modify it into a purse. Determining how to arrange the triangle is a little time-consuming for me as the dimension is not symmetrical, a little trial and error here and there. I am so glad I finally completed the Bluno hedgehog purse, and gosh, I couldn’t stop since then, so I made another one, Reddy 🙂 More to come????


Special thanks to Sumay who assisted me in narrating the story.

animal coin purse
coin purse
hedgehog purse
Hedgehog Purse

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Friday 17th of December 2010

WOW!! Would you be willing to make and sell these! I would love one! But I could not make it... You are super talented!


Friday 9th of April 2010

I so LOVE this purse....I am a hedehog freak (sort of) I have them in straw from Germany and glass from Poland Furry from England and I'm thinking I surely need one of these :o) Do you share the pattern? Love it!


Thursday 1st of October 2009

::gasp!:: I must have one! Off to the craft store...


Wednesday 23rd of September 2009

Amazing! Such a creative, innovative post and cute little 2 Hedgehogs! Bravo my friend! Can't wait to see the next love story!

Craft Passion

Thursday 24th of September 2009

Still writing the script and preparing the leading actors and actresses.... premier soon!!!

Michelle Gartner

Wednesday 23rd of September 2009

I followed the link from blogher...those are so cute! I always have wished I could sew. I mean I cross stitch and repair things with needle and thread, but I would really love to do something like quilting or making little guys like these. Good job!

Craft Passion

Thursday 24th of September 2009

If you can do the needle works well enough, i think sewing quilt and stuff like mine shouldn't be a problem, just need more practices and experiments. You can do it too!