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DIY Bib Extender

DIY Bib Extender

March 21, 2011 /
bib extender

It seems like it was just yesterday that I sewed the chenille bib for the babies. Now, the bib can no longer fit comfortably onto the necks of the growing up toddlers. They need a bib extender to continue serving their little “masters”.

I am not sure if anyone used this method – sewing bib extension. As a thrifty mom, buying new bibs at every growing stage seems not a wise-able expense. Especially if the bibs are sentiment handmade gifts from friends or/and families.

I got this idea from the maternity waistband which I used during pregnancy – EXTENDER. Instead of elastic band for the waistband, I used grosgrain ribbon for the bib but you can use just any ribbons of your choice, or you can even sew fabric tube that matches with the bib you have made or bought.

bib extender

Ribbon, is one of the most convenient materials to use as it is commonly available and with a vast selection of colors, designs, and sizes. All you need to do is adapting the type of fastener of the existing bib, 2 most common types are velcro and snap buttons.

snap button bib extension

The first photo is the extender I made using 1″ wide grosgrain ribbon and it is for the velcro fastened bib I bought. The photo below is the 3/8″ wide grosgrain ribbon + prong snap buttons for the chenille bib. The concepts are the same, instead of sewing velcro, just install the no-sew or prong snap button. One thing you need to determine is to make sure that the snap buttons (sew type or prong type) are from the same type in order for them to fasten together.

baby bib extender

How To Make Bib Extender

velco 1

To make a 3″ extension, cut 4 ½” length of 1″ grosgrain ribbon (¾” fold back) or extension + 1½”.
Lightly burn the raw edges of the ribbon to stop them from fraying.
Fold and press ¾” from 2 ends.
Cut 1″ length from a pair of 1″ velcro.
{For snap button – fold the raw edge gain to hide it inside the ribbon}

velco 2

Sew the hook and loop of the velcro to the ribbon with 1 facing up and 1 facing down. Take note on the hook & loop side from the bib that you are making the extender for.
{For snap button – install the stud and socket with it respective ring and prong with appropriate tool or pliers.}

velco 3

Attach the bib extender to the bib and you will have a bigger neck hole for the kids.

Velcro extender

Make a few with various colors and lengths and you will be able to use the same few bibs throughout the growing age of your baby.
Happy Sewing!

This is the snap button version of bib extender.

snap button bib extension


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