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Safety Sign Triangle Pillow Sewing Pattern

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Tired of normal square or rectangle pillow in your house? Why not spruce up your home decor with this safety sign triangle pillow.

safety triangle pillow

I got a triangle pillow form/pillow insert from Downlite and am happy to see how good is the quality, especially the blended feather and down filling, and the polka-dot lining. The other 2 shapes are also darling to try out, can someone please try them out and show me what will you do with the cube and sphere shapes?

safety sign triangle pillow

Safety sign icons would be one of the best designs to adapt to a triangle pillow form shape. So, I chose 4 simplest safety signs to applique on the cover for this safety sign triangle pillow; pipe the edge with a black cord; sew a zipper on the case cover, and turn it into a 4-face safety signs pillow. Besides being a home decor, it is good for teaching the young ones to learn the signs. For example, place the warning sign somewhere dangerous in your house (eg: staircase) to tell them that it is dangerous to play over there.

Safety Sign

Safety Sign Triangle Pillow Sewing Pattern

1. 14″ triangle pillow insert, I used Novelty Triangle Pillow Form from Downlite.
2. 40″ x 15″ Plain Yellow fabric
3. 10″ x 48″ Black felt or faux suede
4. Zipper (Yellow) – at least 14″
5. Cord ¼” dia (Black) – 3 yards
6. Yellow & Black sewing thread

1. Sewing Machine
2. Zipper foot
3. Pins & needles
4. Scissors
5. Tracing wheel & carbon
6. Fabric marker or chalk

Free Pattern

Download the 5 pages pdf pattern and print them out without scaling the printing, otherwise, the size won’t be correct.
Enlarge the first page to 200%.
Cut the patterns out.
{If you can’t download the pdf pattern, probably you don’t have acrobat reader, download the latest version for free here.}

Trace sewing pattern

Use the cut-out holes of page 2-5 to trace the 4 safety signs. {I found that it is easier to use the cut-out hole to trace than the cut-out piece}.
If you are tracing on the wrong side of the black felt of faux suede, remember to flip the “High Voltage” pattern to the wrong side too.
Cut the signs out.
{Trace the signs as close to each other as possible to lessen fabric waste. Reserve 3″ x 48″ for piping strips.}

Sewing Safety Pillow

Cut 4 pieces of yellow triangle fabrics with at least ½” seam allowance.
Use a tracing wheel and carbon to mark the sewing lines.
Draw a zipper line ½” above and parallel to the base of one of the triangles for zipper installation.
Cut 2 strips of 1½ ” x 48″ for piping installation.

High Voltage Sign Pillow

Position the safety signs on the triangles. Pin it to secure or you can use some tacky glue to temporarily hold them in place. If you prefer the fusible web, go ahead but make sure your fabric is able to take the heat. Mine can’t, so I did it the “ancient” way of applique.


Zig-zag sew the edges with black sewing thread of your own stitch spacing preference.
Remove pins.

Sew piping

Encase the cord into the piping strips. Start from the center of the triangle base, lay the piping cord on the sewing lines of the right side of the triangles.
Snip the strip at the corner so that it can bend smoothly.
Allow some allowances on the ends.

Sew piping with ends

Overlap the ends and mark the strips for joining position.
Pin and sew to join. Trim away excess ends by leaving a ½” seam allowance.

cording in piping

Cutaway excess cord. Burn the ends lightly to stop them fraying.
Sew the ends together to join it up.

Sew piping with zipper footer

Change to zipper foot to sew the piping to the triangle. Remove pin as you sew.

Sew piping in triangle

A triangle with the piping around it. Only 1 triangle needs full piping.
Refer the image below for the arrangement.

Safety Sign Pillow

Install piping as per red line:
1. Left triangle – pipe on 2 edges only.
2. Right triangle – pipe on the base only.
3. Bottom triangle – No piping needed, install zipper instead.
To install the zipper, fold, and press one of the sewing lines on the triangle. Align the zipper with the center line along ¼” from the folded edge, baste or pin the zipper under it, top-stitch on the zipper line. Sew the other side of the zipper to the base of the top triangle.

Sew piping

Sew and join all triangles to form a triangle pillowcase.
Hand-sew the ends of the odd piping ends to the corners of the main triangle.

Safety Sign Triangle Pillow Cover

A complete triangle safety sign pillowcase without the insert.

Downlite Novelty Triangle Pillow

This is the Downlite 14″ Triangle Pillow Form. {Love it!!!}
1. Made In America
2. Hypoallergenic Down & Feather Blend
3. 3 Shapes (Cubes, Spheres & Triangles)
4. 3 Sizes (12”, 14” & 16”)

Safety Sign Triangle Throw Pillow

Insert the pillow into the casing from the zipper opening.
There you are – a Triangle Safety Sign Pillow for your home decor.



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