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“Wheel Of Fortune” Coaster Sewing Pattern

“Wheel Of Fortune” Coaster Sewing Pattern

February 5, 2010 /

Wheel Of Fortune Coasters

Chinese New Year is approaching, 14 Feb 2010…. same day as Valentine’s day, this year we have double celebrations!!! Woo Hoo!!! I am so excited as this is the most happening festival in a year. Here is the “Wheel Of Fortune Coasters” sewing tutorial that brings lucks and happiness to you.

This year, I made most of my Chinese New Year decorations. To start it off, I sewed a few simple coasters by using Chinese Silk. Crossing 4 pieces of folded rectangle silks and sew them into a circular shape with bias binder. Insert fortune notes in them to become Wheel Of Fortune coasters…. just like the fortune cookies 🙂

wheel of fortune coasters

Chinese Silk is colorful, soft and shiny like satin but it frays excessively. I would suggest giving an extra seam allowance to accommodate the frays.

Remark: I made these coasters out of the inspiration from the Criss-Cross Coaster that I stumbled upon while browsing through the web.

Let see how I made these 4″ diameter Wheel of Fortune Coasters.

Wheel Of Fortune Coasters Sewing Pattern

Fortune Coaster WIP1Material:
1. Various colors of Chinese silk (I used red, turquoise and black)
2. Bias tape or binder (yellow, glossy type)
3. Interfacing (cut into 4″ diameter circle)
4. Sewing essentials
Cut the Chinese silk into 4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ square (include seam allowance). You need 5 squares per coaster, 4 for the crisscross and 1 for the backing.


Fortune Coaster WIP2Fold the square into halve, zigzag sew the border to limit it from fraying excessively while working on the coaster.
Stack red silk over the turquoise as shown. Pin it to secure.


Fortune Coaster WIP3Stack the second turquoise fabric on the red. Pin.


Fortune Coaster WIP4Second red on second turquoise. Insert the left corner of red under the first turquoise, as shown.
Ensure that the 4 folded silks are aligned nicely and evenly. The center should be close to each other, no gap, please.


Fortune Coaster WIP6Iron the circular interfacing onto the wrong side of black color silk.
Trim the silk to circle.
Mark the center of the circle by folding it into quarter (fold halve, then halve again).
Place it on the crisscross top with the wrong side facing each other. Pin it to secure.
Sew or tack stitch 1/8″ from the border of the circle.
Trim the crisscross top.


Wheel Of Fortune CoastersTopside of the fortune coaster with raw edge waiting to bind off.


Fortune Coaster WIP7Place the bias tape binder at the edge. Sew it with zigzag stitch slowly. Fold the end of the binder and complete the sewing 1 circle.


Wheel Of Fortune CoastersVola! Done!
Variations: You can use 4 different colors of the crisscross. Use a different color of the zig-zag stitches on the binder.


fortune coaster5


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