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DIY Light Bulb Ornaments

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From now on, don’t throw away your burnt light bulbs. You can recycle them into beautiful Christmas tree ornaments!

angel light bulb

Light Bulb Angel Ornament, click here for the tutorial!

I was so delighted when I saw these at “Craft By Amanda” where Amanda posted the first Angel ornament made out of a burnt bulb. She made them in Dec 2000 and they still look brand new although they have been put on, taken off and put on a total of 9 times.

penguin light bulb

Light Bulb Penguin Ornament, click here for the tutorial!

tree light bulb

Light Bulb Christmas Tree Ornament, click here for the tutorial!

snowman light bulb

Light Bulb Snowman Ornament, click here for the tutorial!

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Monday 14th of December 2009

Lovely little angel! Simply beautiful ornament for the Christmas tree!


Sunday 13th of December 2009

Thanks for the wonderful post Joanne! :) I love making the light bulb ornaments :) I made some fun Up North Woods type ornaments for my friend today who loves all that bears and moose type stuff. Hope to post those tonight. :) Again, thank you!