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DIY Wired Star

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how to wind a wired star

I couldn’t help myself so I had to do another “Star” project after the “Glitter Star“, here it is – a Wired Star.

Unbelievable, Christmas is less than 2 weeks away!!!! I have so many Christmas crafts in mind, gosh…. looks like I have to carry forward some of the projects to next year.

how to make a star ornament

Star is one of the best symbols to represent Christmas. If Christmas Day is still another month away, and I didn’t get a virus attack that slowed me down, I would have come out with a sewing star, crochet star, perhaps weaving star, etc…

easy diy star

I received some feedback from you that it is not easy to find the foam star I showed in my previous tutorial. So, I came out with an alternative to the foam stars and made of materials you definitely can obtain from the hardware shop and craft store.

how to make a star ornament

How To DIY A Star

Yield: Wired Star
Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Avid Beginner
Estimated Cost: $1 - $5

This is the easiest DIY star ever – a Wired Star. This is the second DIY star craft after the Glitter Star.

Enjoy making them!


  • Star Patterns (download the patterns here with 4 different sizes)
  • Adhesive tape
  • Decorative wires….. floral wires, pipe cleaners, aluminum wire… etc…
  • Fastener Floral wire (Gauge 34) for fastening, you can use upholstery thread but make sure they are strong for you to pull and tie the wires together.


  • Wood plank
  • Hammer
  • Nails (prefer those with a small head)


  1. Arrange the star patterns on the wood plank and secure them with adhesive tape.Wired Star

  2. Hammer down the nails at the star tips. Each star has 5 tips.Wired Star

  3. a. Wind your wire follow the dashed line on the pattern.
    b. Pull the wire to straighten it while bending at the tip.Wired Star

  4. a. Bend the start end up to meet the finishing end as shown.
    b. Cut off the excess wire at the start end, but don’t cut the finishing end.Wired Star

  5. a. Bend the finishing end down 90 deg and tie the crossed wires with fastener wire.
    b. Wind the fastener wires 2 rounds on the joint and twist both ends together until they securely fasten the joint at the star.
    c. Hide the fastener wire.Wired Star

  6. Secure at least another 2 joints to stabilize the Wired Star.Wired Star

  7. a. Just like the way I glitter the foam star, apply glue all over the wires that you want to glitter.
    b. Dip or sprinkle the glitters onto the star.
    c. Apply glue and dip or sprinkle again if necessary.Wired Star

  8. a. Insert the end of the Wired Star onto the floral sponge while waiting for them to dry.
    b. Cut off the extra wire and tie a string then they are ready to hang on the tree.
    c. You can even add the stars on the old Christmas Tree Ornaments to give them a new look.Wired Star

You can try other wires as well. I especially like the Pipe Cleaners Star as it is the easiest to make and the effect is “sparkling”…

You can even make this star and place it on the top of the Kanzashi Christmas Tree or any of your favorite tabletop Christmas Trees.

Try them out today and I would be more than happy if you show me your version!!!

Let us wish upon a star together that there would be peace in this world.Wired Star

Did you make this project?

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Monday 17th of December 2012

Hi, you are very awesome, Just write to ask if you know how to make the name wire craft? I have seen a OKU doing it at the in front of Sungai Wang Plaza when I was in KL, just twist and turn the wire and come out with the name

Craft Passion

Monday 17th of December 2012

I haven't seen one in action to make the wire name before but I did read from somewhere that they write down the name on a piece of paper with your type of font, then twist and turn the wire (should be aluminium wire) to follow the words on the paper. Hope this help.


Tuesday 15th of December 2009

What a clever but simple idea! How do you come up with those things? You made something beautiful, again!

Craft Passion

Tuesday 15th of December 2009

Thanks. Should be from all the look-see-observe I accumulated all this while.

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