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DIY Christmas Wreath

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This year, I am making my own Christmas wreath. Not only 1 but I made 2 identical wreaths, one for myself and another one for my friend.

christmas crafts round-up

I don’t usually put up a Christmas wreath during Christmas but this year (2009) I want to replace my 6′ Christmas Tree which I put up every December.

My son is at an age where he is curious about everything, so I foresee that he will literally pull everything down, including the tree itself. No way to risk his life with broken baubles knowing he will definitely get to the tree, even if I place it at a height beyond his reach. He is quite a climber too!!!!

how to make christmas wreath

In early December, my 6-year-old daughter asked me “Mum, when are we going to put up our Christmas Tree?” because she noticed that I did not bring her to buy new Christmas decorations. “Dear, we ain’t going to put up a Christmas tree this year” and told her the reason above. She accepted the fact with disappointment. Oh no… my heart broke as I knew that she loves December because it is the month that she can decorate the Christmas Tree and see the tree lighted up during the night. So, I decided to make some changes by transferring the decoration and light from the tree to wreath.

diy christmas wreath

I finally got them done, hung it up and lit it up too. Seeing both my daughter and son so happy to see the wreath, made me even happier 🙂

I also designed and made 2 of the ornaments for these wreath crochet Christmas Tree Amigurumi, Holly Berries. Besides that, I refurbished my old candy cane and jingle bell ornaments by glittering them.

christmas crafts round-up

DIY Christmas Wreath

Yield: 10" Christmas Wreath
Active Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Difficulty: Avid Beginner/Intermediate
Estimated Cost: $10 - $15

I also designed and made 2 of the ornaments for these wreath crochet Christmas Tree Amigurumi, Holly Berries. Besides that, I refurbished my old candy cane and jingle bell ornaments by glittering them.

Enjoy making them!


  • Fake pine garland
  • Wire
  • Floral tape (green)
  • Planter’s twist-tie wire
  • Christmas ornament and light of your choice


  • Hot glue gun


  1. Prepare the wire in round shape and wind them with green floral tape.
    I used a 10 inches stew-pot to roll the wire in 2 rounds so that the shape is firmer.Wreath WIP1

  2. Tie the fake pine garland along the wire with twist-tie. Go one round, cut off the extra length of the pine garland.Wreath WIP2

  3. This is how it looks.
    If you prefer denser wreath and still have enough fake pine, you can do another round. I used 1 round.Wreath WIP3

  4. Tie a big ribbon and glue it at the bottom center of the wreath.
    Glue the baubles at both the right and left respectively of the wreath, and put one on the top center as well.Wreath WIP4

  5. Continue the gluing with Holly berries, pinecones, beads garland, etc.
    Finally, hang the ornaments to the wreath.Wreath WIP5

This is the wreath before the light christmas wreath


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Linda Gardner

Monday 1st of October 2012

You should make the directions in a printable format.

Carol Symonds Alcorn

Sunday 20th of December 2009

This is beautiful, you are very talented

Kelly Koo

Sunday 20th of December 2009

Lovely!! Do you mind if I feature your tutorial in my blog? I will link back to you.

Craft Passion

Sunday 20th of December 2009

Sure!! Thanks for the link :)

Marie Grubbs

Sunday 20th of December 2009

Cute idea and I know what you mean by having a boy so inquisitive! I made 2 wreaths several years ago but needed bigger ones. I used two hula hoop taped together with duct tape for stability and wrapped with garland as you did. I just swap out the bow and ornaments each year for a new look. It was a winner with all. Thanks for all of your inspirational ideas!

Craft Passion

Sunday 20th of December 2009

Hula Hoop wreath!!! It must be huge as a wreath. Curious to see it, mind to share ?

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