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Woven Water Bottle Holder

Woven Water Bottle Holder

bottle holder
This is the Water Bottle Holder I sewed using the intrecciato weave fabric made in the previous tutorial. I made it for 1.5 liters Tupperware water bottle but you can adapt the tutorial to sew other sizes. If you do not want to use the intrecciato weave fabric, this tutorial works on other thick fabrics as well, with no lining needed.

It is the Father’s Day gift for my beloved husband and I am super happy that he loves it a lot. After looking at the beauty of the weaving texture, he was a little reluctant to use it at first, afraid that he will dirty and spoil the delicate work of mine. I ensure him to go ahead and use it, if it gets dirty, just wash it. It is meant to be used, if damaged, I sew a new one again!!! Easy job!!!

bottle holder pattern

This Tupperware water bottle has been with my husband for many years. After years of following him to all the places, in and out of his car, on and off from his shoulder, in and out of the washer, the original holder starts to show signs of deterioration. I can’t let him bring the worn-off water bottle holder as it really affected his professional impression… it’s time to change!!!!

So… I went into my craft room, picked up the intrecciato weave fabric I have made, scissors and sew….. a few hours later, here comes the Bottega-Veneta-look of the water bottle holder. I am really pleased with the result and the look, it has turned the ordinary water bottle into something simple yet classy, thus reflect the taste of my husband too. Clients were to ask him where did he buy this holder from… ha ha ha… opppsss, “sorry, not in the market yet!”

woven water bottle holder

How To Sew Woven Water Bottle Holder

1. Intrecciato Weave fabric
2. Twill tape
3. Woven strap, 1″ wide, 1 yard long
4. Strap connectors (optional)
5. Plain white papers

1. Sewing machine and needle for sewing thick fabric or denim
2. Measuring tape
3. Pencil and ruler

Note: You may adapt this tutorial for other materials instead of intrecciato weave fabric.


dimensionMeasure dimensions of the water bottle, top circumference, bottom circumference, and height.
Draft out the patterns on the papers, add 1/2″ seam allowance.
Prepare the 45º crossed grid lines to weave fabric strips as per the Intrecciato Weave tutorial.


water bottle holder patternTrim away the seam allowance from the paper pattern after the intrecciato weaving.
Trace seam lines on the wrong side of the woven pieces, both body and base.
Mark straps positions.


top edgeSew twill tape (near to the edge) on the right side of the woven body, 1/4″ above the top seam line.
Sew 1/4″ from the seam lines around the body and base seam allowances, just to stabilize the weaving ends.


strap holderFold the twill tape to the wrong side, topstitch the bottom and center of the twill tape.
Sew straps to the marking, or if you have connectors, sew them on.


side seamFold the body into halve with right side facing each other. Join seam.
Wrap both raw edges together with twill tape to make a bound seam. Since the raw edges are quite thick, machine-sew if possible, otherwise hand sewn it.


bottomPin base to the bottom edge and sew. Bound seam the raw edges just like the side seam of the body.


insideThis is the completed wrong side of the woven water bottle holder.


strapTurn it over. Sew strap to the paired connectors if haven’t done so.
Join them up to complete the woven water bottle holder.


woven water bottle holder


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