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Fabric Intrecciato Weave

Fabric Intrecciato Weave

June 21, 2012 /
weave fabric tutorial

Lately, I am a little ardent in making woven patterns with any of my feasible craft materials. Besides the entrelac knitting pattern which I have made into a messenger bag, the basketweave blanket, woven rag rug, and basket weaving; this time I am making Intrecciato weave fabric with lightweight denim salvaged from my old pair of denim overalls. [Intrecciato means interlace / braided / weave in Italian]

Even you are not a fan of Bottega Veneta, but I am sure you have seen this signature woven texture in handbags and purses. The designer and developer of the luxury artisan leather goods, Bottega Veneta, named it Intrecciato Weave and it remains the signature of its brand till today. Intrecciato is made popular by them since the early of the millennium.

intrecciato weave tutorial

This is the tutorial on how to weave fabric (lightweight denim/cotton) strips which I have applied on the water bottle holder. If you are interested in the water bottle holder pattern, here is the how-to sew tutorial.

There are several ways to weave fabric strips, this tutorial offers a neat looking Intrecciato Weave fabric piece. Though you need to invest some time in preparing the strips, it is worth the time!!!

Get ready some lightweight denim or cotton, some tools, and gadgets as listed in the tutorial section and you are good to go. By the way, I am using a Clover Bias Tape Maker – 9mm (3/8″) to make the strip. If you want a wider strip, you can always use a wider size.

how to make intrecciato weave

Hope you will enjoy making this beautiful Bottega Veneta inspired Intrecciato Weave by using fabric.

Fabric Intrecciato Weave

Fabric Intrecciato Weave

Active Time: 8 hours
Additional Time: 1 day
Total Time: 1 day 8 hours
Difficulty: Intermediate /Advance Level
Estimated Cost: $10 - $20

This is the tutorial on how to make fabric Intrecciato Weave by using lightweight denim strips). Intrecciato Weave is made popular by Bottega Veneta, a famous brand that produces luxury leather goods.

There are several ways to weave fabric strips, this tutorial offers a neat looking Intrecciato Weave fabric piece. Though you need to invest some time in preparing the strips, it is worth the time!!!

Hope you will enjoy making this Bottega Veneta inspired Intrecciato Weave by using quilting weight cotton or lightweight denim.

Enjoy weaving them!



  • Clover Bias Tape Maker – 9mm (3/8″)
  • Awl or Pin, to push the fabric through the tape maker.
  • Quilting Ruler, Roller Cutter and Cutting mat
  • Iron
  • Sewing pattern in paper
  • Transparent adhesive tape/scotch tape



  1. Cut fabric into 3/4″ strips along the vertical grain line.
    The length depends on the longest diagonal measurement of your pattern.cut denim
  2. With the bottom of the bias tape maker and the right side of the fabric facing up, insert the strip into the maker.
    Use an awl or needle to push the strip through the mouth.bias tape maker
  3. When the folded strip appears at the mouth of the maker, pull it out a little more with fingers.bias tape maker denim strip 3
  4. Press the folded strip with a warm iron. The iron must be warm enough to handle your fabric and create the fold crease.
    Pull the maker along the strip and move your iron along with it until you reach the end.bias tape maker denim strip 4
  5. Peel off the backing of the fusible web and align it into the tape. Fold it back.fusible-web
  6. Press with warm iron again to fuse the fold onto the strip/tape.
    Trim off the fraying stray threads if they happen to jut out.iron-fuse
  7. This is part of the strips I made before weaving.
    The folds strongly adhere to the strips.denim-tape
  8. Prepare your sewing pattern by drawing 45º diagonal lines that are 3/8″ or 9mm apart. Repeat the same to draw the lines in the right angle direction.permanent-fabric-glue
  9. Affix your sewing pattern on the cutting mat with adhesive tape at 4 corners.
    Cover the sewing pattern with strips line up in one direction and temporarily secure 1 end with adhesive tape.
    Always work on the longest strip first, follow by the last long. If you don’t have enough short strip, just cut the extra length longer than the pattern.
    Don’t use join strip.weave denim 9
  10. Attach the working strip at the bottom left corner with adhesive tape.
    Pick and lift up alternate strips.
    Put a dot of permanent fabric glue on each strip along the line that the working strip is going to sit on.weave denim 10
  11. Lay and press the working strip along the line.
    Put dots of permanent fabric glue on the working strip.
    Place back the lifted strip and press for them to stick.weave denim 11
  12. The first row of weaving with alternate strips on top and bottom.weave denim 12
  13. Repeat the process by placing the second working strip, lift the bottom strips up, put glue on the top strip and press the working strip on it. Then put glue to the working strip and bring the lifted strip down and press on it.
    Repeat the same for the rest.weave denim 13
  14. Make sure that the working strip is within the diagonal lines drawn on the pattern.
    Push them closely if necessary before the glue becomes too tacky to move.
    Always cut the extra length from the working strip and use it as a short strip when approaching the corner.weave denim 14
  15. After you have worked the way down to the shortest strip, come back the one next to the first working strip you have started with.
    Remove the adhesive tape you have put on earlier and work on that direction until you completely fill the pattern.weave denim 15
  16. Leave the woven piece to set overnight so that the glue is completely dry for maximum bonding strength.
    You can use this beautiful piece of intrecciato weave pattern to sew your project on the next day.
    ~~ Completed ~~

intrecciato weave 2

I sew a water bottle holder out from this beautiful Intrecciato Weave., here is the sewing pattern for the holder if you are interested to sew.

water bottle holder 5

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