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Zip-It-Up Pencil Pouch

Zip-It-Up Pencil Pouch

August 25, 2011 /

zip it up pencil case
“It’s Back To School time, boys and girls.” This Zip-It-Up pencil pouch would be of great help for them to keep their stationery in place.

Not only that, but it is also a great topic for “Show And Tell” session to their new classmates of how the magic works with this zipper + ribbon strip…”See, this is a strip of ribbon, and I am going to turn it into a pencil pouch…. *zip**zip**zippppp***…. tadaaaa…. a pencil pouch!!!!”. School is fun with friends and books around.

zip-it-up pencil pouch

Recently, I received overwhelming and fantastic responses came all over the world to visit the tutorial of the Zip-Itself Tetrahedron Coin Purse, the same concept as this zip-it-up pencil pouch. Among the feedback and comments, some of you found it difficult to understand at some point, but I am glad that after putting your hands on it, you’ve made yourself some successful coin purses.

As usual, practice makes perfect! Grandma G even tried it on with her sewing machine with a wider ribbon that her daughter Jessica of How About Orange designed. Jessica also shared the post with her readers.


zip-it-up pencil pouch

I was so happy that you all like the coin purse so much. As an appreciation for all your visits and feedback, I developed another tutorial on the same concept. This time both boys and girls can use this zip-it-up pencil pouch (just have to be fair to the boys too, right?).

Hope you like this Zip-It-Up Pencil Pouch as much as the coin purse. Please find the tutorial after this.

zip it up pencil pouch pattern


Zip-It-Up Pencil Pouch

Finished Dimension: approx. 4″ x 8″ x 1 1/2″

1. Zipper (nylon) – 80″
2. Ribbon (7/8″)- 80″ (Note: you can use grosgrain, woven, satin ribbons, or other alternative materials like lace, fabric strip, soft twill tape etc.)
3. Ribbon – short length for the purse loop.
4. Lining fabric strip (1 1/2″) – 80″ (optional)

1. Sewing needles.
2. Matching threads
3. Pins
4. Marker
5. Warm iron (optional, use only with lining)


sew zip-it-up pencil pouchGet ready the materials and tools as per quantities stated above.
You can get the long nylon zipper from a craft shop that cut into your requested length, and don’t forget to add a zipper pull.
Sew a few stitches to make a bottom-stop about 1″ from the end of the zipper.
Tie 2 knots on both top zipper tapes to prevent the zipper-pull from accidentally glide out from the zipper.


sew ribbon to zipperMeasure 4 3/4″ from zipper’s bottom-stop. Mark, this is the START point.
Pin and backstitch the ribbon to the zipper tape along line A, start at 3/4″ from the ribbon end and 1/32″ away from the teeth in order for the zipper pull to glide through.
I sewed with a longer stitch on the wrong side but shorter loop stitch on the right side for the back-stitch so that the thread is not obviously seen on the right side.
When you reach the bottom stop, bend the zipper tape down, smooth the corner by crossing the zipper ends, continue sewing your ribbon till you have done around 70″ from the start point.


zip it up coin purseCome back to the start point. Arch the tape at the marking where the marking should be at the center of the ribbon’s width, pin the ribbon to the tape along line B.
Sew ribbon to the tape of the other side of the zipper.
Fold the ribbon’s end in and slip stitch the ribbon to the tape by following the curve.
A nice smooth curvature determines the beauty of the pencil case.


zip it up pencil case diy 4Continue backstitching the ribbon to the zipper tape until you have done 65″ from the start point.
There will be a difference of 5″ of stitching between line A & B.


zip it up pencil case diy 5Zip-up the zipper and the pencil case shape is formed through an upward spiral closure.
Measure your pencil case from the bottom stop, it should be around slightly over 8″ and your zipper goes 7 rounds of zipping.


zip-it-up pencil pouchPress the top edge of the pencil pouch to find the top corners of a rectangular shape.
Mark both points on line A & B.
The point above the bottom-stop is the endpoint, whilst, the point above the start point is the pencil pouch top-stop with a ribbon loop (please refer the last step-by-step photo for a clearer picture).


zip it up pencil case diy 7Unzip the pencil pouch a little. Arch the line A zipper tape at the marking, the zipper ends should meet and intersect at the other marking on line B.
Place a ribbon loop on the intersection point of the zipper, pin & sew to join.
Trim off the extra zipper, crossed them and make a few stitches to stabilize the position.
Trim off the extra length of the ribbon and fold the raw edge of the ribbon, just like the start point, slip stitch to the tape.
Whipstitch the zipper edges at the back of the pencil pouch to complete it.


zip-it-up pencil pouchYou may add a lining at the back of the pencil pouch. The lining will add some stability and aesthetic look to the workmanship of the pencil pouch.
Iron the lining strip by folding in both edges to form a 7/8″ double-fold tape.
Slip-stitch along the backstitch line to cover the stitches done for the ribbon. When you reach the curve of the start and endpoints, trim the ends to follow the curvature, fold in and slip stitch like you did the ribbon.


zip-it-up pencil pouchZip it all the way up and you will get a pencil pouch.
Or, zip it all the way down to return it to a ribbon with edges full of zipper teeth.


zip-it-up pencil pouch


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