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Sweet Heart Sugar Cubes

Sweet Heart Sugar Cubes

August 31, 2011 /

Sweet Heart Sugar Cubes
I should have “reserved” this “romantic” post until early next year just before Valentine’s day, but I can’t wait….. I can’t wait to show you how many colorful Sweet Heart Sugar Cubes I have made. These sugar cubes are just great for celebrating a special occasion, or for everyday beverage, even superb as a gift to friends and families. I am thinking of Christmas with star-shaped sugar cubes in basic red, green & white 😉

heart shaped sugar cubes

I got the idea of making these Sweet Heart Sugar Cubes after seeing this post. I have put this recipe under my to-do list but later forgot about it as my list gets longer. This pity little fellow fell to the bottom as I added new items on top of it, oh poor boy… on the other hand, it is lucky because at least I got it surfaced from the down bottom and not being slashed off from the list lol… Well, this is life and I always believe that I will come up again when I get to rock bottom, as long as I hold my breath long enough and never give up 🙂

heart sugar cube

These sugar cubes recipe can be molded from a cookie cutter or candy mold. Get the steps and method after this:

Alphabet Sugar Cube

Sweet Heart Sugar Cubes

1. Fine granulated white sugar – 1/4 cup
2. Water (boiled and cooled) – 1/2 teaspoons
3. Food color – 1 or 2 drops (depend on how deep you want the color to be)

Utensils & Tools:
1. Small bowl
2. Teaspoon
3. Cookie-cutter (mini heart) or candy mold or chocolate mold
4. Cardboard
5. Pencil
6. Scissors (if using a cookie cutter)
7. Tray



Prepare Wet & Colored Sugar


sweet heart sugar cubeGet ready all the ingredients to make sweetheart sugar cubes.
I used Americolor soft gel paste but any food color will do. If you need deeper color, add more food color but you need to reduce the water amount.


sugar mold diy 2Add 1/8 teaspoon of water into the sugar at a time and mix well every time you add.


sugar mold diy 3Mix well and evenly. The wetness is a little dryer than the wet sand when you build a sandcastle.
If the sugar is too wet, it is hard to hold up its shape after molding.
If the sugar is too dry, it will not get harden after it is dried.


sugar mold diy 4Add 1 or 2 drops of food color into the sugar mixture and mix well.
If you are not sure how deep the color you will get from your food color, add 1/2 of the amount of the water to wet the sugar, then 1 drop of food color, mix well. Add more color or water as per your color reference.
You can mix food colors to get the color you want in another small container before adding it into the sugar.


how to make sugar cubeThe texture of the colored wet sugar. When you press the wet sugar, it formed into shapes easily.


Mold With Cookie Cutter


cutter topTrace the heart shape of the cookie-cutter onto cardboard.


cutter top 1Cut the heart shape out from cardboard. Cut it a little smaller so that it can go through the cookie cutter.


make heart shaped sugar cubeScoop some wet sugar into the cutter, press with a finger until they get firmed in the cutter.
You can fill the sugar to any height you like and not necessarily to the full height of the cutter.


sugar mold diy 7Place the heart-shaped cardboard on the top of the cutter. Press the sugar until it is firm and level especially if it is not filled to full height.


sugar mold diy 8Slowly lift the cutter up and push the sugar down. Use a teaspoon handle to push the cardboard if the cutter is too small for your finger to get in. I need to use a teaspoon handle because the cutter is just too tiny as you can see from the picture.


how to make heart shaped sugar cubeIt might take you a few attempts to get the sugar to come out nice and even by not over pressing it while lifting the cutter. Just put back any failed sugar into the bowl and mix again to reuse.


colorful sweet heart sugar cubeI did a few colors from the primary color, red, blue, yellow. The green was from a blue and yellow mix.


Mold with Chocolate or Candy Mold


mold sugar with candy moldPress the wet sugar into the clean and dry candy or chocolate mold.
Level the top flat.


sugar letterTurn the mold and lightly knock the mold against the tray to pop out the alphabet sugar cubes.


how to make alphabet sugar cubeWet molded-sugar cubes in alphabets are formed. Gently transfer or arrange them on a tray for air drying.


how to make fancy sugar cubePlace the sugar cubes on a tray to air-dry completely. Or, you may use a 200F oven to dry it for 5-10 minutes.
I left mine for overnight and morning before storing them away into an air-tight container.
Keep them in a cool dry place and consume them as soon as possible.


Be the sugar cubes for Valentine’s or special occasions, it sure melts the heart of your loved one.


sweet heart coffee


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