Basic Hexagon Quilting – Tutorial

I am doing bit of hexagon quilting (English paper piecing) during the weekend for a project. I am not telling what it is, you got to guess. Some photos here should give you a great hint!!! I will post up the finished piece, so come back later to check out. See if you get it right! Sorry, no prize!

Since I am doing it, I photographed the steps just to show you the process to make a hexagon quilt.

First, you need to cut out the hexagon shape cardboards and fabrics of your choice. The size of the fabric must be big enough so that you can fold it over like the picture shown below. An estimation of double the size of your hexagon cardboard is required.

Tack stitch the fabric while folding it to the cardboard as shown. This is to secure the fabric in place in the shape of a hexagon.

The back.

The front.

With front facing each other, sew the 2 pieces up. Only pick the fabric to sew, not the cardboard.

After sewing a center piece surrounding by 6 hexagons, you will get a flower-look of 6 petals.

The one I made (as shown on the first photo) is slightly different where I have 2 center pieces and that make it look elongated like an oval shape. That is going to be my secret project that I will tell you later. So, stay tuned!

Remark: After you have finished sewing and joining with enough hexagons, you will have to remove the cardboard and go on sewing into blanket, motif or other creations.

I have created a pin cushion project from this hexagon quilt, please go there and have a look!
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  1. 六角形我都好喜歡,不過懶還未開始……

  2. Do you ever take out the cardboard? Are you sewing through the cardboard? As you can tell, I’ve never done hexagon quilting before.

  3. Hi Suze, Sorry for skipping the details, thanks for pointing it out. Yes, you need to take out the cardboard after joining up all hexagons (1st photo).

  4. this recall my memory when I were small, my mum also asked me to sew it… didn’t drop ur hobby..Yenny

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  6. Can you sew hexagons together on a sewing machine or are they all sew together by hand.

  7. Me parece bastante facil de coser y luego retirar el carton. Gracias
    por el tutorial.

    Translation (by Google):
    It seems quite easy to sew and then remove the carton. Thanks
    by the tutorial.

  8. i really enjoy our website, you make so many great projects to for me to try out ,and thank you for free patterns ,please add on your list so i can see more new projects and don,t miss your newsletters .Nellie

  9. This is a really great tutorial. One quick question, how do you remove the cardboard?

  10. Great! Thank you.

  11. I punch a hole in the center of my papers if they are small, two holes if they are larger than 1″, two holes allow you to put in a pin to hold the paper in place. To remove papers, simply use tweezers or a blunt tipped object into the hole and slip the paper out, saving the work of removing all those basting threads, have fun, Sue.

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  13. عالی بود ممنون

  14. Great tutorial. Keep up the good work.

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