Turtle Pincushion – Greeny & Pinky

Update!!! (April 21 2010)
The pattern is available for free download, click here to get it.

Did you get it right? [click here to see the question]. Yup, the hexagon quilt is for the back of my little turtle pincushion. Let me introduce ***drum roll***** WELCOME, Ms.Pinky and Mr. Greeny!!!

I created Greeny as an experiment, if you go back to my hexagon quilt tutorial post, you will see Greeny is hiding in the background as I photographed the steps. From idea, to paper, to sewing and finally the birth of my turtle pincushion, I created my first sea creature. The project went on smoothly and I never thought that I can be successful in the very first trial. Lucky me, I think!
The toughest part for the hexagon quilting is the fabric matching part. I sat in my craft room with my pile of fabrics around me ***matching matching matching***, half a day gone by and I still can’t make up my mind which colour theme to choose. Finally I decided to have a green male turtle, this is how Greeny was created and got his name!

Draw, draw, draw, cut, cut, cut and sew, sew, sew… taa daa…. here he is, exactly like what I had in mind! Yippy yah yah yah!!!He is so cute that I couldn’t help myself and wanted to make another one. Mmmm, may be I should make one for my sister. She is as “crafty” as me and her work is so fine that every piece made is perfect. I will add her works into my blog to share with you all, and I hope she will grant me the permission to do so.

Ok, coming back to my turtle tale: — Since Greeny is a male turtle, I want to make him a girlfriend [they ended up apart when I gave her away to my sister, sob, sob, sob 🙁 ] .

What colour symbolize feminity? ***Pink***, yeah!!! I have some left-over pink felt from Chi-Chai Monchan felting that I had used as a part of the purse for my friend Sumay.

Sew, sew, sew…. Pinky is hatched!!!

Pinky is the improved version of Greeny, I made a bottom shell for her which Greeny doesn’t have. I even machine-sew her back for 2 more circles to add more dimension. She has bigger eyes, she even has eye-lashes on it but it is too short to see in the photos :p

Ouch, ouch, ouch!!! Hubby said that I am too heartless, poking needles into them, wouldn’t I feel their pain? They are pincushion afterall!!! So, I decided to fully utilize them by poking more pins into them…. Ouch, ouch, ouch!!!


I know that some of you are searching up and down for this paper pattern through out my blog. Well, I intended to give the paper pattern away free since long ago but I am still in the process of converting my ugly hand draft copy into electronic copy I managed to redraw the pattern properly, scanned and inserted into the instruction sheet, so it looks so much better now than my draft copy. Shame to tell that I haven’t started learning the software yet, so it is going to take a while before I can publish it in my blog, is there anyone out there could help me to draw one that is neat and professionally look? Mean while, if you really want the paper pattern of my ugly hand draft version beautifully drawn version, please contact me or write a comment below and tell me what is your plan after making this cute turtle pin cushion, as a gift, for charity, for own use, or something else, I will email it to you as soon as I can…. Please bare in mind that this turtle pin cushion is my original design and it is only meant for personal and hobby use, please don’t sell my paper pattern or the handmade created from my paper pattern for commercial trade.

Update!!! (March 29 2010)

I will make a tutorial on this turtle pincushion with a blown up size…. the paper pattern will be there for you to download. Expecting to post it next month, so please stay tuned. While waiting for it, please do 1 of  the followings or all of them to get updates send to your screen, so that you don’t have to worry if you missed them.

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For those who requested and I haven’t responded, sorry, my email account got messed up with virus and most of the emails were either gone or corrupted….

Update!!! (April 21 2010)
The pattern is available for free download in the later post, click here to go there.

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  1. I would love the turtle pattern I have always loved little turtles!


  2. I would love a copy of your free turtle pin cushion pattern. My son loves turtles and I would love to have one in my sewing room to remind me of him.

  3. Love your turtle pincushion. Would love to make two of them for my sisters upcoming birthdays. We have a big turtle controversy in our family, long story of how we killed a pet turtle many, many yrs. ago (by mistake). Would appreciate the pattern very much. -Nina

  4. Interested in making some for some of my bible study ladies as one of our reminders is a turtle.

  5. Hello, really enjoy all the nice ideas that you present, especially the little purses, wish you had pattern for the fish clutch purse. Going to try the tiger coin purse, tried to have it done for a young Chinese friend for the Chinese New Year, but you know best layed plans. Also would like the pattern for the cute turtle pincushion; he/she would be nice to add to my collection of pincushions. Thanks for all the great ideas. Barbara A Sprague

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  7. please send me your turtle pattern.LoVe iT. it soo cute

    • I no longer send it out manually, you can download it when I post it up in the tutorial… coming soon 🙂

      • Cuando tengas el patron en el tutorial POR FAVOR avisame gracias Dios te bendiga.

        Translation (by Google):
        Once you have the pattern in the tutorial please let me know thanks God bless you.

        • Hi Yvette,
          Sure. You will get an update when ever I add new content in Craft Passion by doing the following:
          subscribe to my email list or RSS feed, follow me in Twitter, or join my facebook page. Either one will tell you about what’s new in Craft Passion.

  8. I love this! I would like the pattern to make it into a smaller pin to wear! 🙂

  9. I just love both turtles of all kinds, especially sea turtles and pincushions. This project covers both. I will be making this for personal use and to decorate my house. It may turn out to be a cute addition to a gift on top as you wrap a baby shower gift also. Thanks for the pattern

  10. Adorable pin cushion! Would like to have the pattern as a gift for friend that has vacationed in Hawaii!! Thanks!!!

  11. Trank you bery much for this little turtle, I would like to do for my mother, to this May 10, tranks ,

  12. I love all of them. But do you Sell them. I would love to purchase Pinky and Greeny. I too love turtles, and actually have several live ones. They make excellent pets! But I love yours! Let us know where to buy them please!!!!! Thanks gloria g. Hemingway, SC

  13. (squeal) These are soooo cute!!! I heart turtles!

  14. Pattern for Turtle pincushion…please!
    Hi, could you please send me your beautifully drawn pattern via email? I would use it to make gifts for my quilting pen pal buddies. I would never sell product or duplicate the pattern for someone else.
    BTW: I really like your blog.

  15. Par hasard je découvre la tortue, j’adore elle me rappelle le sud de la france ou elle est protégé’ j’aimerai bien avoir le patron pour augmenter ma collection avec mes remerciements

    Translation (by Google):
    By chance I discovered the turtle, I love it reminds me of the south of France where she is protected, I will like to have the boss to increase my collection with my thanks

  16. I would love to add one to the sewing kit I’m making my granddaughter for Christmas. Please email me the pattern! Thank you so much!!!

  17. I have gone in circles on your site looking for the pattern for the turtle pin cushion and if it’s here I haven’t been able to find it… Help!!!

  18. I have to have this pattern. it is so sweet. I believe I will make one for all my friends when I go on vacation in March.

  19. I love this turtle!! I would love a copy so I could make one for my daughter!

  20. Hi there, I would like this pattern to make a turtle for a little man who just loves turtles.
    I appreciate your sharing 🙂

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  22. Hi
    I have seen one of your turtle pin cushions in my sewing class. I would really love to make one for myself and my friend. Would it be possible to send me your pattern? Many thanks

  23. I just love your turtle pincushion pattern tutorial. It is wonderful, and thanks for the detailed directions. I am going to make the attempt and make one of these for myself. Thank you for sharing!

  24. my daughter (11)and I are making the turtle right now. Thanks for the inspiration!

  25. Adorei a tarataruga, adoraria saber como foi feita a parte de baixo. Se poder mandar molde da sua melhor obrigada. Achei linda adoraria fazer pra mim. Obrigada.

    Translation (by Google):
    Loved the tarataruga, love to know how it was done the bottom. If you could send your best mold required. I love to make me beautiful. Thank you.

  26. I am anxious to make the turtle. I am making pin cushions for our church bazaar in early October and would like to make the turtle as a pin cushion. That means it would eventually be sold. If that is against your policy, please advise. I definitely wish to make one for myself. Since I can no longer drive, I will also make extras for gifts to those who give me rides. Even those who do not sew have a need for safety pins in various sizes. I look forward to hearing from you.

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