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How To Sew Chi Chai Monchan Monkey

How To Sew Chi Chai Monchan Monkey

February 25, 2009 /

This is the monkey, Chi Chai Monchan that I planned to make as part of the frame clutch purse to my friend, Sumay. [Here is the finished coin purse]

I would like to show you the process to make one, hope you will try it out too.

chi chai monchanColor selection of the felt material.

Making cardboard templates for each part of the body.

Cut out the required shapes and sizes as shown below according to the felt color you chose.

chi chai monchan

Sew the cheek to the face (you can use the blanket stitch to sew). Mark the eyes and mouth with a water-based erasable pen (the ink will disappear when it contact with water). Then sew the face to the body.

chi chai monchanFill in the polyfill to add more dimension to the face.

polyfill Complete sewing the face of the monkey.


This is how it looks after completing the face. Embroider the eyes with black thread and the mouth with pink. Again, embroider it after stuffing it with polyfill will add some depth to the features.

chi chai monchan

Now, you can sew Chi Chai Monchan monkey to the fabric surface you want to complete the felt project.

chi chai monchan


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