Monkey Gamaguchi Coin Purse – Tutorial

Monkey Frame Cluth Purse Pattern & Tutorial

Monkey Frame Cluth Purse Pattern & Tutorial

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In my previous post, I showed you how to felt the monkey called Chi-Chai Monchan. This time, this tutorial is going to show you how to make the Monkey Frame Clutch pursethat I made for my friend as a thank you gift. You don’t need a sewing machine to do it, just your hand, a needle and thread!!!

monkey gamaguchi coin purse

{CLICK HERE to get the Monkey Gamaguchi Coin Purse Pattern.}

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  1. WOW!!! Thanks for the tutorial…this is fantastic! :)

  2. Hi mushroommeadows, hope you will try this out. I am making another one for my other friend but with different design. Hope that I can post up the photos soon.

  3. Great tutorial! Very thorough and well photographed!

  4. Thanks futuregirl, I took lots of pictures for every step I made. Those posted one are the best photographed and illustrated.
    I could complete sewing a purse in a day or two, but with the photograph, it took me 4 days!!!

  5. This is an amazing tutorial. Extremely well done and heck…what a cute purse!! I just love it!

  6. absolutely adorable!

    where do you purchase your kiss locks? i can never seem to find them.


  7. Catty – I plan to set-up a store in ArtFire or Etsy. You can buy from me later. Please come back to check for the latest update. Thanks!

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  9. That monkey is so cute, I want to take him home with me!!! But seriously, it was a great tutorial and you did a very professional job.

    • Thanks Sewmarm. I hovered over to your blog and I was amazed by your video tutorials in sewings. You are great and I will make sure to follow through all the tutorials and learn them :)

  10. Hi from Greece! Wow! I just discovered your site! It´s….. simply fantastic! Very good work! Gongratulations! I love your purse! Keep up the good work! Greek kisses!

  11. wow…really great.cantikkk :)

  12. Here is another tutorial on purse frames that is helpful.

  13. Hi – I really like this tutorial! I have a question though – what is poly-sponge?? Might it be called by another name here in the UK? Any suggestions on what to look for here would be great!

    Thank you!

    • The poly sponge is a kind of polyester batting, it comes with or without iron adhesive. If you can’t find those with adhesive, you can always use high loft quilt batting.
      Hope this help :)

  14. That is just adorable!! The little monkey just makes it! Thanks for sharing … I’ve posted a link.

  15. If I may ask: what are the dimensions for the pattern? I’d like to give this type of clutch a try & I’m still new to sewing. Thank you!

    • I have misplaced the paper pattern. Will let you know the dimension as soon as I find it.

      • I think the fastest way you can do is estimate the widest width of the Pattern A as 10.5cm. Use this scale to get the rest of the dimensions. The actual length from a to a is more than 8.5cm, so you have to gather the curve a little when you sew to the frame, this will make purse more “chubby”.
        Hope this help.

  16. Hi nice work…
    may I know where you get all the material for your sewing project…
    can’t wait to try all your project…
    thank you

  17. Where can I find these wonderful ball clasp purse handles?

  18. the tutorial is very helpful. I’m gonna try making one!

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